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  1. has it stopped working?
    Treated 4 lambs last week. Six days later all crawling again in same spots.

  2. Did you trim out the struck area and spray properly?
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  3. Ciderman8961

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    We've had issues this year with crovect vet says we aren't on our own.
    Won't be using it next year
  4. No that seems to be the problem, knotted matted twirl of wool, pour on didn't seem to penetrate properly
  5. Downton_shep

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    To treat a case of maggots, I squirt it on the skin using the spray gun. Waste of time putting it on the wool. Don’t ever trim off the wool because it looks a bloody mess.
  6. You can't just spray the wool, sadly. The Crovect (or any of the generic products) won't penetrate down to the skin... unless you 'waterlog' the fleece in the affected area. So the wool actually shelters the maggots from the product and they continue merrily eating the sheep.
  7. I've used crovect for fly protection on most of my Hampshire x lambs this year and had no issues. Worked well on a couple of tups that got struck too. But admittedly we're not a bad fly area.
  8. neilo

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    Oh for the good old days, when you could just mix a bit of dip up in a drum and slosh it over the affected area. Far too simple, cheap and effective to be allowed these days of course.....:rolleyes:
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  9. Careful using crovect on open wounds. I've lost lambs doing that :cry: not even bad patches of maggots either vet told me the cypermethrin in it can poison them if it gets on open wounds.
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    north norfolk
    i use iodine on it into the wool with gloves....drives the maggots out and is kinder to the's a bit unsightly but soon fades

    iodine looks expensive on the shelf but is safer for you and better for the sheep IMO
    crovect all mine 10-20 mls every 4-5 wks while worming.....less than 1% struck this year
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  11. I use iodine now too (y)
    I use crovect on my lambs but only a stripe on the back. Find if I keep them clean and dag any dirty ones when they come in they don't really get struck on the back end. Bloody frustrating when clean lambs get struck on their backs and tops of the shoulders :mad:
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    north norfolk
    i have a mix of woolies and shedders.....set the gun at 5ml....woolies get blob on the head, 2 stripes down the back and one on tail....shedders get head blob and stripe in centre of the back

    got on top of worms this year so no dagging needed:)
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  13. Your more particular than I am :oops: my gun is set at 20ml or whatever and they get one blast along the back trying my best to cover from their heads to the top of the tail and that's it. Doesn't always work if they move :facepalm:
    I don't dag many anymore i think the most I did in one go was 10 but usually only 2or 3. Partly getting better with timing wormers thanks to doing my own fec and being more picky with my replacement ewes and rams. And not keeping suffolks anymore. I used to dag literally hundreds of them every time they came in :cry::poop:
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  14. How much did you put on :eek::confused::(

    Cypermethrin is a nerve agent... an open wount means the sheep can absorb it into its system much easier but you still need high levels to kill

  15. I'm sure there's some old barrels hidden away on farms, reserved for such special occasions :whistle:
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  16. Not a lot :( I'd used it for years before with no trouble but I won't use any again. Iodine works just as well anyway
  17. How long a cover does it give against getting strike?
  18. Iodine none probably but it kills the maggots well enough. I usually put something else on when any broken skin has dried up to keep the flies off. I had some horsey green gel stuff with fly repellent and antiseptic in it that worked well enough at keeping flies off the wound and just put crovect on the wool around it
  19. I just trim and spray. I lost 1 lamb and 1 ewe this year... but I put that down to how badly they were eaten into by time they showed signs and I caught them :( I didn't blame the Crovect (n)
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