Cull cow prices

Discussion in 'Livestock & Forage' started by Headless chicken, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Headless chicken

    West Wales
    What's everyone else getting? Sent one to pickstock via our local collection guy came back at 150p/kg dead.

    She was Irish but even so seems a bit low to me!
  2. sidjon

    sidjon Member

    2.65 dw
  3. Bullring

    Bullring Member

    I sent one last week, thought she would get hammered deadweight as she was a bit fat, so decided to sell live weight, only got £1.20 ppk but the fact she weighed 1006kgs made up for it.
  4. Cowcalf

    Cowcalf Member

    North of Scotland
    142 p/k live at ANM yesterday average for beef cows and 128p for a dairy cows
  5. Splitpin

    Splitpin Member

    What grade, P something I take it. We send them occasionally to Pickstocks. 2.50 a kg for O-@300kgs+ down here through local collection centre, P's would be between 150 -200
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  6. Headless chicken

    West Wales
    I must admit I didn't really look too hard at what grade just saw what I thought was a tidy sized beast come back at £300 or so
  7. cattow

    cattow Member

    -O3grade 2.20p/kg Pickstock Monday, money in the bank yesterday
  8. Sussex Martin

    Sussex Martin Member

    Burham Kent
  9. cull cows

    cull cows Member

    That is a bad price shud be at least 240
  10. cull cows

    cull cows Member

    0-3 at Dunbia now 2.65
    Pickstocks 2.65
  11. Jimbojrf

    Jimbojrf Member

    Who's the cheapest on levy between those two?
  12. cull cows

    cull cows Member

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  13. Northeastfarmer

    I thought the levy was set by ahdb?
  14. cull cows

    cull cows Member

    I think he means total take offs for levy disposal grading etc.
    Pickstocks around £11
    Dunbia around £20
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  15. Jimbojrf

    Jimbojrf Member

    Yeah that's what I ment. It was me been old fashioned
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  16. som farmer

    som farmer Member

    plain cows go to pickstocks, we find they pay very well for plain cows (and we all have them) but not so good on the very good cows, sent some to mkt last week, not overpleased with the results, theplain ones would have been much better at p/s, but we learn, the cost of haulage etc makes a difference, p/s fixed 20 quid.
  17. RastaBoy

    RastaBoy Member

    Do Pickstocks take French and German ?
  18. Where else would you send the better ones dead? I usually send mine to pickstocks but will have a few better ones to to soon.
  19. som farmer

    som farmer Member

    real good ones market, anything reasonable market if tested, have tried some tested through the store ring- mixed results, but to be honest, you have to take out haulage costs, we very often find ourselves moaning about the pp/k of the better ones, and going wow at the plain ones. boils down to time, hassle etc.
    p/s take all cows except Romanian and Bulgarian, what they dock for foreign cows I don't know
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  20. Homesy

    Homesy Member

    Sold some to Picstocks 2 years ago. The Irish Cows were £150-200 less than their English equivalents. Foreign cattle cannot be sold as assured I was told. No idea if they dock the price now but all mine go to Foyles now with no difference between the two.

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