Cultivation of WOSR stubble


After two consecutive years of severe slug damage in wheat following WOSR, I’m adopting a new (to me) approach.

We are plough based.

Gave the osr stubble a run of a light disc (Amazone Catros) immediately after harvest in dry weather. Just gave it a second run today 3 weeks after the first run. The surface is left loose. I’m just working it 2 inches deep as that’s where the slugs appear to be.
We had a hot sunny day today and I’m hoping I’ll have a dramatic effect on slug numbers.

Does anyone else do this or have experience with such an approach?

Im doing this early to hit slug numbers early and to leave the surface settle again before wet autumn weather arrives.

Ive seen some people topping WOSR stubble in the past, what’s the idea behind this?
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Discs pluck out rape roots, and in long stubbles leaves, rather than chops, the residue. Hence topping.

Personally I plough after osr. Then Harrow, roll, pellet and walk away for two months.

Devon James

Guttler Supermaxx on osr stubble as shallow as possible while doing a job Evenly spreads the trash so no lumps where slugs can build up. By the time it's drilling time, most of the trash has disappeared.


I leave the stubble until at least 5mm rain has soaked it to get osr seeds to chit, then shallow disc twice at angles about two weeks apart. This disperses the chopped haulm, movesslug eggs, kills off osr volunteers and creates a seedbed. Usually glyphosate before drilling. Stubble not an issue to the Horsch tine drill.
Some years I do one pass of the discs followed later by a sub disc pass prior to drilling instead. ,


I would intend ploughing and pressing at planting time.
Rolling post planting is great but conditions don’t always allow in a catchy autumn.

Just using the disc to reduce slug numbers.

I haven’t seen much if any trial data to show the effect of such stubble cultivation on slugs.


Mixed Farmer
Last couple of years we grow rape I left the stubble untill after 5mm of rain to chit the rape, one pass with a vaderstad carrier, let the rape grow and straight in with a mzuri drill, roll x2 and spray roundup with pre em. Rape was nearly 2 foot tall and the slugs kept graizing that and never touched the wheat.

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