Sheep Cydectin 2% LA working time.


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Hi, can anyone tell me as to how many days after treating ewes with "Cydectin 2% LA" do the sheep stop itching?


If they have lice as well maybe never. If the scab is resistant to the treatment also maybe never. Does take a couple of weeks to stop itching if it works

Y Fan Wen

N W Snowdonia
The first time scab came here, the affected ones could not keep still at all. They were injected in the morning and by mid afternoon they were lying chewing the cud. I could not believe the speed of recovery.
I don't know what's changed but it does not seem to worry them nearly as much now, many years later.


If the bunch are resistant coming in they wont. They will then reinfect those it does cure initially in time.As you don't know which are not resistant coming in its a problem . We have had to dip all bottom sheep now.We buy a lot in re store lambs and replacement ewes/tups.

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham

AHDB has issued a yellow rust watch list to help flag winter wheat varieties most likely to perform out of line with the disease ratings published in the Recommended Lists. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The watch list, which orders varieties based on yellow rust levels from the three worst RL trials (for each variety), can help identify those most likely to benefit from closer monitoring, says the levy board. It follows the development of a new rating calculation approach that better reflects the diverse and dynamic nature of the UK’s rust populations, announced at the launch of the online edition of the RL 2021/22 in Dec. Discussions on the latest twists and turns...