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Discussion in 'Competition Ploughing' started by tomlad, May 10, 2019.

  1. tomlad

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    nr. preston
    As above, should that plough pull behind another tractor, ive s dexta , fergie, ...

    Ive 2 A,s one with lovely looking lea bodies but it never sat happy behind anything i own .
    I believe its all down to not designed for converging 3 point hitch .
    Designed for straight lower links .
    Always pulled very wide front furrow.
    Not bin hitched for many years, last unhitched indistgust.

    Plough will have bin on this farm since what 50's ? Db 30d ??

    I aint desperate to use it but id like to know what you lot think

    Tia tom
  2. massey765

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    nr clitheroe lancs
    maybe a wider crosshaft would sort it Tom......measure a robin or 59 and see what the difference is.....59 is a bit wider than a robin but cant remember by how much, it will depend what tractor your going to pull it with
  3. Howard150

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    On earlier Browns, the lift arms were fitted to a rocker shaft which was visible for most of its length. The top link brackets were welded to this shaft. As the arms lifted, the rocker shaft and top link brackets rotated. Even so, a lot of people used to weld extra lugs on closer to the work. You might well need to do this as well as changing the cross shaft.
  4. tomlad

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    nr. preston
    Im thinking aloud tbh
    In the relms of i near triped over the bloomin thing in a shed again, it is useless to me as is so possibly modify.
    Ive always blamed how the stubs on cross shaft are always on a funny angle on a type , so would new shaft with more standard link pins help ??
    Last time it was hitched, was on s dexta with rear right narrow as possible, pob 1 1/2 " clearance on mudgaurd , so bit of trash on tyre rubbing on gaurd .
    Ploughed well , wapped well. But tyre that narrow , not nice .
    Obviously shaft is full across .
    Im learning how to use my lathe so obviously feeling brave , or fulish.

    Is there some sort of a rivet holding the cross shaft ends on ??
  5. mike.l

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    london ontario
    Hi i plow with a david brown plow a BE model so not far different to yours and i use a nuffield universal 3 but have plowed with a 4 cyl for a little time . i have very little problem with the plow, I have made the rock shaft 4" wider it is a simple task i removed the ends. cut the shaft put them in the lathe bored a 1" hole in both ends cut a piece of shaft 6" turned it down to !" both ends. made them a press fit lined up the sq ends pressed it together and then welded it solid never had a problem with it from there on. I have long boards for it but i found i could not stop the soil going over the back of the moldboards making the next front furrow a bit odd. Changed to standard and never looked back have been winning a few matches and came 2nd in the international in my class last year. i find it a great plow. This year i have bought a international plow and that is giving me all sorts of problems with the front furrow have not got it sorted yet think its got to have a wider rock shaft to get over far enough. But i like the ace bottom moleboards as they clean the bottom of the furrow better , and pack a little better, think i am going to park them in the same shed see if they would cross breed then i would have a good plow. Yes there is a piece of round stock to keep the ends on just drive it out. mike
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  6. tomlad

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    nr. preston
    Cheers Mike interesting

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