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Discussion in 'Dairy Farming' started by Bald Rick, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. eulb

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    Watch it while milking and see what it does.
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  2. farmboy

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    If ecolis have ever gone in the tank I find it does seem to drive the bacto right up but not the cell count that much. Presumably the cow is just chucking out a lot of bacteria
  3. Thomas-milmain

    Sw Scotland
  4. Thomas-milmain

    Sw Scotland
  5. eulb

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    Mine is set at 46kpa,your running at about 41.5kpa,seems very low to me,fairy sure you want between 44 and 48kpa for a swing over and 40 and 44kpa for lowline.
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  6. Thomas-milmain

    Sw Scotland
    Would the black line not be the reading?
  7. eulb

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    Yes.bloody phone and sun!
  8. Thomas-milmain

    Sw Scotland
    I thought if anything it’s to high !
  9. eulb

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    I think half the job is continuity,cows get used to a set level (within reason) turn it down a bit can't do any harm.
  10. eulb

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    Just to continue a great run.

    Yesterday had to shoot a ex93 cow that slipped.
    I lost 42acres of rented mowing ground weve had for 28 years.
    My helper of the last 5 years handed his notice in.
    The pump on the tanker blocked up with a cow clog.
    And a cow led on a cracking bull calf.
  11. Bald Rick

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    How often do you think about sacking staff?

    Today, two went off muckspreading on off lying land ... only to run out of fuel halfway through the afternoon on both machines.
    Think there is a shared brain cell
  12. Bald Rick

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    Can’t like that.
    Make the thread title very apposite though :(
  13. vantage

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    My problems seem like little inconveniences compared to some on here!
  14. .
    It's a sad statement but it has to be a pretty good day where I don't think of it.
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  15. celtis man

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    You need a diesel fairy
    Ask them who fills them up with fuel..... The diesel fairy , I guarantee you will only need to take the p..s once.
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  16. Ducati899

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    north dorset

    Bet their response was “we didn’t think”
  17. Tb was cultured, Irish strain of tb. Postpone Gamma test and await results of next skin test. Fingers xd
  18. Baldrick

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    Good luck tomorrow!
  19. What's tomorrow?
  20. I mean what the actual fudge. I give up. I cant abide that level of fecklessness.

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