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  1. Gordy1

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    IMG_2003.JPG Hi, Have problems with the power steering, it's ok turning wheels left but when you straighten up or turn wheels to the right the steering goes hard, it's like there is a blockage in the hydraulic pipe somewhere, is this a usual problem with these DB's as I heard someone else have the same thing happening but don't know how or if they sorted it, could it be a blocked filter or something, any help would be appreciated.
  2. 335d

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    The end of the ram looks fairly new. You sure the bottom of the joint isn’t catching on the axle?
    I would be tempted to remove the ram at the axle then check that the ram moves freely on its own, and vice versa the steering. (Jack the front up and it should move by hand with the ram removed). You’ll then know if it’s hydraulics or not
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  3. Gordy1

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    Thanks I will look into this at the weekend. The photo looks close to the axle but there is a good gap between them.
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    North Scotland
    you got enough oil in the power steering tank?if so possibly orbitrol unit not working properly
  5. Oh Deere

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    Steering is seized Jack the tractor up with both wheels off the ground grease and oil it well while turning steering wheel.
    You might have to go in with a bar between tyre and axle to get it going
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    Bury St Edmunds
    This is on a full hydrostatic steering system i believe looking at the picture
    It is fairly certainly a problem in the orbitrol unit under the steering wheel afraid I have no answer. May be good to ask on the DBTC forum
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    I'd also consider swapping the two pipes going to the ram to see if the heaviness moves, as the center seal in the ram might have popped, in one direction.
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