DD on stock farm


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So drilling into live grass?

That's what I've heard suggested, yes. The field I did like that last year, was my best take of turnips, better than those that had been sprayed off for 3 weeks anyway. Still p*ss poor, but that was the year.:(

I was intending DD'ing into PP grass that will be sprayed either the day before, or a few days after drilling, in a few weeks time. Sure to have a drought now.:D


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6 of my guys have stock & a bit of crop, a lot of DD.
was a duncan renovator, now more JD 750 A Want to try DD'ing barley into old pasture in spring somewhere.


It will work ok. DD spring oats into expired pasture. Just had to put plenty of fert down the spout to beat any grass weeds and to double spray on the day of drilling and about 4wks prior. I attached some photo's a few wks back showing the DD oats


New Zealand

Sorry once on day of drilling and once about 4 weeks prior.

Its just to make sure that the pasture is completely sprayed out. If you just single spray then the grass will return
I'd be happier with 6 weeks between first & second spray.

If you are going after any interesting weeds it should be at the first spray, second one is a mop up.

Combineguy found the pics looked good.

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Toxic Soup from decaying grass can affect germination of some new seedlings.



Tie up of N in decaying roots

But people can and do beat these things but its good to be aware of them.
We are having the very same problem at the moment with turnips behind grass it acts like a massive sponge need a better way to destroy it.!!

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