DD OSR + Atlantis

Does anyone have problems with OSR after a field of wheat that was treated with Atlantis or similar? We can often see clearly where the overlaps were with the sprayer, and that's after a cultivation too. Quite worried about this problem...?
I have "tested" it twice, a few years ago.
The two times where after ploughing.

The first year, no problem, 4.3 T/ha.
But the second year, only 2.9 T/ha.

It was very difficult for me to explain the bad result of the second year, so I have decided to see with a specialist from CETIOM (French organism for oil crops OSR, sunflower...) and we have conclued that it was a problem with the Atlantis sprayed in the wheat the year before.
As I was very surprised (because no problem in the first year in very similar conditions), his answer was something like : "with those herbicides, it is very difficult to understand why they create some problems some years, and why not some other... It's the same for the effect of ploughing or not ploughing, sometimes positive, sometimes the contrary."

I have stopped, after the second year, to use this type of product in wheat before OSR.

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