Deal Available on 100 x Kleber Lugkers 460/70 24

Lucy @ Farm Marketplace

Cereals Exhibitor
We have 100 x Kleber Lugker Tyres size 460/70 24 coming available from 1st November on Farm Marketplace at a great price so these are going to move fast, click on the link below to take straight to them to order yours.

We know these fit Telehandlers but please feel free to add below any other known use :D (y)




Mixed Farmer
JCB own brand tyres were advertised at the dairy show for £400 each. Probably not the best tyre, but neither is Kleber

Chris F

Staff Member
No wonder physical stock is limited if you have bought 100 tyres. :rolleyes:

Think the terms scalping. Hope the price drops and your stuck with them.

i think you are missing the point of Farm Marketplace. The tyres are offered for sale on Farm Marketplace and we have negotiated a good deal. But the stock is not ours.

With inflation running at 22% in farming we are still trying to offer good prices. If you can find them for sale for cheaper. Let us know and we will go back and negotiate again.

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