Deere Studio: The Tractor Show | 17.11.2021 | 7 pm (Online)

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The TRACTOR Show | Official Trailer | DEERE STUDIO​

At DEERE STUDIO our host Patrice Bouédibéla celebrates the 100th anniversary of the John Deere tractor production in Mannheim (Germany) with you. As part of this anniversary, John Deere presents some special product news. Are you excited?! Our product engineers will explain all new features. To check the production and performance of these tractors, we have again invited interesting guests.

Imagine modern agriculture without tractors – it’s not possible. These machines help farmers all over the world to get their work done. And because this work can not only be multifaceted, but also full of challenges, they need the right equipment – versatile machines for pulling, plowing and pumping, but also to rely on every day. Compact, mid or large – no matter the size, John Deere Tractors are engineered to bring together all the traits you need for your daily work in the field, on the farm or in the garden.

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