Drink plenty of preferably water based drinks. If you feel thirsty it is because your body needs fluid . Maintaining a correct fluid balance in your body important for the functioning of every organ. Your kidneys are very brave but absolutely hate being dehydrated. They have around 1 million amazingly complex filter systems each called nephrons which depend on good blood perfusion to function. If this doesn't happen they begin to fail and will eventually die. It is no wonder that people with reduced renal function, wether due to dehydration or other damage, feel unwell,as the kidneys do not just filter fluid,they regulate electrolytes, remove waste products, maintain homoeostatic balances and produce vital hormones.

Fit people can suffer from renal failure so don't let that fool you. I remember a lady coming to us who had just returned from running the London marathon. She became ill on the journey home and ended up in ITU on dialysis because she had become dehydrated and injured her kidneys. She was lucky as we managed to rest her kidneys through the dialysis enough for them to recover but that doesn't always happen.

I love kidneys-you love yours and they will serve you well.
Use the simple electrolyte version used in Africa etc. Litre of water (preferably Highland Spring which has the lowest contaminants of all) tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of salt. Drinking too much water can reduce your electrolyte levels so drink a bit of this occasionally. Especially if we are getting 25C + this week and out working.

Robert K

Arable Farmer
we'll seeing as I've hardly slept all night again I thought I'd give you all a heads up.
Did far too much in the sun last week and apparently didn't drink anywhere near enough.
Went to play cricket Sunday and simply couldn't. Energy levels at rock bottom.
Went to work Monday and managed till 3.00. Went home and nearly passed out on sofa. Felt like I'd just had a good hiding from a set of Russian thugs. Every single muscle was hurting.

I normally have to be dragged to doctors but I was there waiting for them to open Tuesday. Got seen at 12.00.
Really badly dehydrated. Like having the worlds biggest hangover without the beer.

Anyway. Get plenty of fluids in you people
Everyone should drink at least 5 litres of fluid a day (not coffee that is the worst for dehydration)

Take it easy and STAY SAFE


Bad cramps in legs from dehydration last night! Had to get up at one point and go and drink a pint of water.

Not used to this hot humid weather and sweating all the time.

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