dentures or implants ?? which is best

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  1. colhonk

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    50p at charity shop:LOL:
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  2. Weasel

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    in the hills
    What's best???
  3. DrWazzock

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    Dad got a framework with some teeth on it made up by some Romanians in the NHS dental practice. It cost a lot and was useless.

    He is better off without it eating with just the few teeth he has left.
  4. David.

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    J11 M40
    Like a broken mouthed ewe, I reckon better off with none at all than with only a few.
  5. Deutzdx3

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    Trouble with no teeth or a few is the jaw bone recedes and can go to the point where it's liable to fractures. Teeth keep the jaw in place and vice versa.
  6. gatepost

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    Well this is a cheery line, most of mine have been root done, now have gaps and the dentists reckon I am past the implant stage, so on balance, if you have the finance and it's not too late, implant. It looks as if, eventually I will have to wake up facing my teeth.
  7. What was reason for not get the implant.......thinning of the jawbone.
    Its not a big deal to get the bone width increased with a bone graft........was that suggested to you..?
  8. Mrtwhite59

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    Medway Kent
    I had really bad upper front teeth every morning I would have to straighten them by twisting them .i had not been able to eat an apple or a crusty roll for years
    So I decided to go to a private dentist and within six weeks I had the best investment I have ever made it was a ceramic bridge seven years later it is still solid not given me a minutes problem
  9. Kidds

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    I never have an injection when having treatment, including root canal work. Different people are sensitive to different things, I just reckoned if I needed the treatment the nerves were probably dead anyway.

    Sounds very brave but I have an overwhelming dread of going to the dentists, I will suffer toothache for months before going even though I know I will end up there.
    Even a simple checkup is a nightmare.
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  10. I broke my two front teeth playing football in the snow on a tarmac tennis court in the snow when I was 11. Had some sort of bridge until I was nearly 18 then had various bridges with pegs or screws to hold them
    In place but they kept breaking so I’ve now got a plate that cost the best part of £300, keep looking/thinking about having implants but the cost puts me off.
  11. Woolgatherer

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    I nearly need an anaesthetic to walk into the dentist in the first place
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  12. smcapstick

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    Kirkby Lonsdale
    If you save up for a while, you can buy the tits AND the teeth.
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  13. Woolgatherer

    Woolgatherer Member

    By then everything else will have either sagged or dropped off....
  14. nick...

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    south norfolk
    Most of us are the same if the truth is known

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