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Detachable Trailer Extension

Discussion in 'Workshop Projects' started by GAM, May 16, 2018 at 9:04 AM.

  1. GAM

    GAM Member

    We have a 12' Ifor Williams flatbed trailer, but the bed is to short to take two lots of flat8 bales, so instead of trading it in for a 14footer, I fabricated an detachable extension out of old and new bits of steel we lying around. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3242.jpg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_323b.jpg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_324e.jpg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_324f.jpg
  2. Looks good I like the use of the gate hinges just the job. A pin to keep them from jumping off might be an idea though?
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  3. GAM

    GAM Member

    There is a 10mm bolt at the bottom of each support leg, you cant quite see them in the pic.
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  4. Ahh I see good thinking keep it nice and tight
  5. Kidds

    Kidds Member

    You won't be able to see your lights anymore.
    A trailer board on your extension would sort that.
  6. mogman

    mogman Member

    Just be weary that you have enough weight on your drawbar
    Maybe a bit light on with a bit extra behind the trailer axles
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  7. Jameshenry

    Jameshenry Member

    I was thinking of doing something similar on a 10 ft ifor to carry 3 round bales, only for field use though
  8. Mur Huwcun

    Mur Huwcun Member

    North West Wales
    I have a photo somewhere of one that somebody had made the front headborad pivot over flat to extend the front in a similar fashion
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  9. GAM

    GAM Member

    A good point, yet its only for bringing the hay in off the field, and that doesn't involve going on the road.
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  10. Plus 1.

    They can get very light on the front......:censored:;)
  11. TheTallGuy

    TheTallGuy Member

    Yeah, but I bet at some point you'll find a need to be on the road. x
  12. Flat 10

    Flat 10 Member

    Fen Edge
    That’s why you need some bales in the back of the pick up....
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  13. Now I have a pickup...sorted (y)
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  14. jellybean

    jellybean Member

    Nice number plate. If only the 8 was a W!
  15. GAM

    GAM Member

    Not for me, Google BLOB FLY
  16. Grouse

    Grouse Member

    I was expecting a fly the size of a mammoth South African dinosaur eating monster that burrowed into your skin

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