Digital accounts for VAT and inland Revenue


Bury St Edmunds
I know most on here will have changed over a couple of years ago.
It now seems it is the turn of the smaller traders.
Any recomendations for best system?
I quite literally only do at most a dozen invoices a month


I would do a similar number of invoices a month and have been using xero for a couple of years now. I find it excellent to be honest.
It does my invoicing, bills, VAT return, end of year accounts, links to the bank account and is totally paperless (I upload pictures of all receipts etc and they are stored digitally) .
My accountant is a xero partner so offers a slightly reduced subscription. I think it's about £60 Inc VAT per quarter. Depending on your current system, you should be able to save that cost off your accountants bill.


Mixed Farmer
I use Xero for the farm & plant and then use Freeagent for my personnel consultancy stuff.

There's not much in them really, Xero has a few more bells and whistles but as Mr Mule above said Freeagent is free for RBS / Natwest customers.. Have a look at it


All my accounts including Quarterly VAT returns are done with Quickbooks. I find it easy to use and costs £12 + VAT per month.
Accountant can sign in and see everything in there and bank account is linked in too. (Neither of the last two have to be)


You are probably sorted by now but you need no more than Excel spreadsheet and a plug-in bridging software. You just enter the invoice details manually and the bridging software takes the relevant totals and copies them to the official boxes and submits this to HMRC.
Absolutely no need for accounting software. So far anyway.
It is dead simple and I both save each month’s returns to my computer and OneDrive in the Cloud and print a physical copy out.
It only requires a basic knowledge of Excel spreadsheet. You can get a template somewhere [I forget where], save it as your template, then open it and change its name to the relevant month’s as a worksheet. Save it to OneDrive and it will autosave, otherwise save to your hard drive periodically in the usual way.
The bridging software costs £1/month.

Little squeak

if you turn over less than 85k a year you have some time yet, unless you know otherwise

Making Tax Digital for VAT
VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover above the VAT threshold (£85,000) are now required to follow the Making Tax Digital rules by keeping digital records and using software to submit their VAT returns.
If you are below the VAT threshold you can voluntarily join the Making Tax Digital service now.
VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover below £85,000 will be required to follow Making Tax digital rules for their first return starting on or after April 2022.

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