Direct drilling osr and using fert


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Mid Northants
I reckon the hardest thing to direct drill and get a decent stand of is osr , if I wanted to use a disc direct drill would it be possible to mix fert in with osr DAP, or AS would be fertilizer of choice , if you weren't going to mix it in where would you place it,
I still haven't sorted this issue out yet but you need to look at the pH of DAP and MAP in solution. Depending on your soils this may alter the choice. Kinsey claims that above 7.5 soil pH you should be using MAP.

York said that you can place 100 kg/ha of AS with the seed without detrimental effects. DAP is kinder as it's not so acidic but it may be that you want some acidity (again depending on your soils).

I agree that if you are going in with a low disturbance disc drill, fertiliser placement seems to be an important part of success. If each tillage pass releases about 30 kg/ha of N then in the absence of tillage something needs to replace this especially if you're leaving residue on the surface as the bacteria will use available N to break down the residue.

That's my understanding at least.

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