DMax vs Hilux


In the market now for a new jeep and narrowed down to these. What are opinions on both - will be looking at manual? Cost and delivery times might push towards a D-Max, but Hilux is the preference.

Also, does anyone know whether the NFU discount is worth going for? I got the impression their discount is based on the list price and in reality would not be much more off than just walking in off the street, correct?


Do they not come undersealed from new? Lanoguard or something else?

I was concerned about the smaller engine in the Isuzu, but the gearing is apparently well suited from what I've read.


South west
We run a Dmax(62 plate) not been to much hassle, had tree surgeons here a while back, turned up with new hilux(company truck) and wished they had Dmax?? Think it just comes down to which you prefer to drive, and look at, and of course who’s offering the better deal. Not sure who offers a more comprehensive warranty? However I think the Hilux would hold your money better.

Hard Graft

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Tried to look after a 2017 dmax for the the lads that have rent the cow sheds and I would be lucky to see it to give it an oil change every 30000 miles 🤦‍♂️

it gave next to no trouble that was not their on doing it was doing 50k + miles a year but then they are livestock farmers


Livestock Farmer
Just sold my dmax. 6 years old with 150k on clock. Genuinely never had the bonnet up. Not cost a penny in anything other than service items.
Circumstances dictated its sale or I'd have happily kept it for another 100k
Customer comes in with several vehicles towing trailers including his new Defender SWB. Last time a new Hilux pickup . He’s got older L200 and Isuzu. Surprised me when he said the Hilux was pretty gutless

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Is there still a fuel advantage with manuals these days?
Have to admit to liking having a manual myself.
I have a 6 speed manual 2018 Hilux Active, no auto option on the base model, and usually get 28-30mpg. Before that I had a 2014 L200 5 speed auto and struggled to exceed 20mpg. I think some of the modern 8 or 9 speed autos can give fuel consumption similar to a manual providing you do enough long motorway journeys to get into the high gears that will be taller than 6th gear in a manual.


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south norfolk
I think auto is ok for economy but you have to drive them sensibly.i had a couple of longer journeys than I normally do last week around 60 mile round trip and a 30 mile round trip and averaged 36 still around 30/32 on 5/10 mile journeys.put a trailer on with my digger on it really knocks it down to around 24 but I never really go any faster than 40/50 when towing


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Are you sure you're from Yorkshire?
You'd make the wife get out and walk if you thought it'd save 1mpg 🤣🤣
Oh I’m defo from Yorkshire but somethings are worth paying for and having driven autos for the last 25 years there right up among the top of the list of priorities in life when it comes to vehicle choice.

besides twist a dealers arm up his back for a bit more discount easy covers the extra fuel costs😂😂😂😂

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Written by William Kellett from Agriland

A man has pleaded guilty at Newtownards Magistrates’ Court to waste offences relating to a bonfire next to the electrical sub-station on the Circular Road in Newtownards, Co. Down.

Gareth Gill (51) of Abbot’s Walk, Newtownards pleaded guilty to two charges under the Waste and Contaminated Land (Northern Ireland) Order 1997, for which he was fined £150 each and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy

On June 25, 2018, PSNI officers went to Gill’s yard, where they found a large amount of waste consisting of scrap wood, pallets, carpet and underlay.

Discussion with Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) officers confirmed the site...