Do we get more windy weather nowadays or is it my imagination?


I have said over recent years that we get a lot less thunderstorms than we used to, back in the 70's and 80's I can remember some absolute tremendous storms. some of which did some structural damage here with high winds and thunder. We had a bit of thunder a couple of weeks ago, first I remember for a long time, but only a brief storm.
I entirely agree you, but know doubt the younger TFF members, who weren’t around
then will say “you old un’s have short memories”. ;) ;)
We live at a windy hole. We are high and very exposed on the top of the hill so get it from every way. It is quite a novelty this last few years to have a calm day, it’s like heaven for a day.

Father in law tells the story when it lifted the whole roof off round top Dutch barn 40 years ago and smashed it over the top of the house next door - the smashed up asbestos travelled up to a couple of miles down the road - they had to hide in the house and ring the police to shut the roads as it wasn’t safe to go out. It was half full of hay too.

I guess it’s always been windy here but maybe not as frequent.

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