Do you care about climate change?


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I would like the weather to change to some rain by Saturday. Climate change, global warming or whatever may be happening (as it always did) but the reasons and solutions will be different next year.

What I strongly feel is that we are using up the planet's resources far too quickly and the desire for constantly 'growing' economies is completely at odds with that


I am more concerned about the “do gooder self righteous hypocrites of society” who on the one hand are concerned about climate change , and then on the other hand they can’t wait to get on a long/ short haul flight, cruise ship etc to go on holiday. :banghead:
Same criticism of some Sunday papers that occasionally have stories about how mankind is devastating the world , yet in the centre of the Travel supplement have page,after page advertising long haul holidays and cruises.Along with pages promoting exotic holiday destinations that need long haul flights to get to.
Of course there are also the classic Hypocrites of Lewis Hamilton, and Chris Packham ( who promotes visits to far off countries to see the wildlife):banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
Good luck to those of you in agriculture that MIGHT see a carbon neutral agriculture and society, I wish you well.
As for me I do slightly care about climate change , it would be ignorant not to, but meanwhile will carry on much as before because I can’t come to terms with Hypocrisy.


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Climate change specifically no. We’ll adapt. If folk in the 18th century managed to deal with the little ice age I’m sure we can cope with a bit of warming now.

Pollution and resource use is a massive issue though. I’d like the government to put 1% of the energy they expend on climate issues to dealing with the amount of rubbish flying about the roadsides in this country.

It’s a question of wealth- as people’s living standards rise they consume more resources. I can’t really see any way around it.
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Yes and I think it is going to impact me and my children in two direct ways.

1. More unpredictable weather is making it harder to farm, and therefore less profitable.
2. I'm a keen fisherman and river temperatures need to drop below 4 degrees for salmon to spawn. It may mean we lose salmon as a species in a lot of rivers in Wales and therefore the activity I planned to do when I retired.
I believe that the climate, can and does change.

I care about the effects that have been predicted that could happen on a global scale, although I am far from 100% convinced by the hyperbole thrust at me constantly though.

I do not believe that anything I do can have any real effect on climate change in a positive or negative fashion.

Liker the others here have said, I do have concerns about dwindling natural resources...
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Not at all because the ones shouting the loudest are generally the ones causing the most ...
Hamilton flying all over the world for his sport
Attenborough who made his millions flying all over the world .....but now he can't he tells mankind they shouldn't !
Packham .....well he is just a nutter etc etc
Just adapt ......

PS ..could do with some rain
I am worried about climate change (not that I think about it much), and also worried about us living off the capital rather than the interest of our earth. I think people do not look at the bigger picture and probably the biggest thing we can do in the west is have fewer children and of course use less concrete, steel and tinker round the edges by improving the fuel efficiency of housing etc. A big thing for me, is regenerative agriculture, so all this Vegan stuff makes me incandescent as I am worried about how we are farming and losing organic matter, but there seems to be a growing regen ag movement, I am organic but of course organic is only a set of rules arbitrarily created by someone so xxx is good and xxx is bad (I wonder how much ploughing is done on organic farms?). I am worried by the push to plant more trees, as permanent pasture is a better carbon sink, and worried by the way our society is changing and divorcing ourselves from the source of life (and death), animal agriculture and the "disneyfication" of all "cuddly" animals.

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