Dorset ewes

Discussion in 'Livestock For Sale & Wanted' started by Jonty49, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Jonty49

    Jonty49 Member

    I’m going to have 30-40 Dorset ewes for sale in coming months, mixed ages registered with the society, lambing at the moment. Will consider selling with lambs at foot. Only selling due to giving up some grazing. East Midlands area.
  2. Martyn

    Martyn Member

    South west
    Are they MV? I would sent to spring Exeter sale in May if you can wait that long
  3. Jonty49

    Jonty49 Member

    No sorry
  4. dazza b

    dazza b Member

    What sort of price you got in mind?
  5. Jonty49

    Jonty49 Member

    That’s the million dollar question, Off the top of my head £95 a head I’ve got to go through them check ages ect. Depends what cull price does.
  6. Ollieb

    Ollieb New Member

    I would interested in taking the lot
  7. Jonty49

    Jonty49 Member

    That would be great, if you want to send me a phone number I’ll save it until I’ve been trough them.

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