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Martin Smart scooped two gold medals in the YEN oilseed rape competition achieving 6.4 tonnes per hectare, and 72 percent of his potential yield, Jens Blomquist, Svensk Frötidning

In edition 6/17 of Svensk Frötidning we wrote about Martin Smart, winter oilseed grower in southwest England. Martin was one of 50 farmers competing in the first year of the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) competition for oilseed rape.

Triggered by knowledge
Winning was not the driving force for Martin but he was interested in the competition for the knowledge transfer and innovative new ideas he hoped to gain by participating. Out of the 50 contestants Martin Smart scooped gold medals for both top yield and also for best percentage of possible yield.
Near world record
Martin won the gold medal on a field yielding 6.4 tonnes per hectare. The variety was Harnas, N application rate was 280 kg per hectare and the crop was preceded by winter barley. Martin attributes his success to a combination of right choice of variety, good autumn establishment and a crop stand not being excessively lush but instead well balanced. The yield came close to the world record of 6.7 tonnes per hectare, held since 2015 by his fellow-countryman Tim Lamyman. Lamyman achieved third place this year with a yield of 5.7 tonnes per hectare. In 2016, Tim Lamyman tried his hand growing OSR in Swedish soils by participating in the contest Rapsmästaren.
Water limited
Martin Smart won his second gold medal for achieving 72 percent of potential yield for his field. The calculations take into account the location, fertility and available water supplies. The silver medalist reached 6.3 tonnes per hectare, but only 49 percent of the potential yield.
Martin felt that water availability was the limiting factor for his crop. Martin’s success in achieving 72 percent of potential yield shows how well he was able to make use of the light and water available to him. With his know-how, experience and sheer interest he attained what was needed to win. Congratulations !

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