Drainage problems


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Having drainage problems on my land, I live in an area with heavy clay soil that is not quick to drain. These picture show the lowest part of the property, which is also relatively level, but every time we have heavy rain area turns into a soggy mess. I have fruit trees planted and plan on putting in a garden but am worried about water runoff as there are areas around fruit trees that hold a lot of water. Would putting in a simple drain, one dug with a trench digger help out with the water situational? The drain would be on the opposite side of the fence,

Any advice is helpful,

Thank you, Andrew



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Ok, here in Uruguay I know piping is expensive, I’d be looking at doing a simple ditch with berm on the fenced side and having water run into the ditch. No stones in ditch.


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Ok, yes we have a place to drain water too. All the drains here are open v ditch drains. But I’m all ears for better options.

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