Drilling wheat 2018

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  1. when to start
    In 2017 finished combining on 6 October this delayed drilling so crops were later when the drought hit late spring did not help

    Not a lot of black grass due to rotation heavy land which is dry on the top but moisture 2 inches down
  2. Badshot

    Badshot Member

    No bg pressure I'd be getting going.
    When this weather breaks, it really will break.
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  3. del_boy

    del_boy Member

    Made a start yesterday into rape stubbles going into perfect conditions
  4. I'll start after 20th sept
  5. Andrew K

    Andrew K Member

    Depends on your drill capacity, I would not want to leave it into mid October unless BG is a real problem.Even then Spring sowing is better for control.
    I need about seven days to do our Cereals so will start beginning of October if conditions suitable.
  6. E_B

    E_B Member

    Making a start after maize tomorrow.
  7. Fish

    Fish Member

    North yorkshire
    Starting today, many of my neighbors started last week.
  8. mikep

    mikep Member

    Finished mine yesterday. Only a year late as it was last year's seed that was not planted due to the wet. Would rather chance BG than not plant this year. Half is up.

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  9. Warnesworth

    Warnesworth Member

    Chipping Norton
    If you are going to zero-till wheat I wouldn't wait until mid-october, if the weather turns against you the establishment is likely to be poor....
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  10. Starting today
  11. martian

    martian DD Moderator

    N Herts
    Are you not worried about the waning moon?
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  12. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Is he biodynamic or a werewolf?
  13. britt

    britt Member

    leics/warks border
    :scratchhead:Don't you have to throw a corn dolly into the last plough furrow ?
  14. cows r us

    cows r us Member

    Going to get drilling winter barley tomorrow. Black grass has eventually chitted. Wheat going in after that then beans. Soil is in amazing shape if not a little dry for this time of year. Only 300ha to go.
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  15. Case290

    Case290 Member

    How long for wheat to come up if drilled now.29/10 how many weeks ?
  16. Jon

    Jon Member

    South Norfolk
    Drilled mine starting Monday 22nd Oct. Chatted with roots, very small shoot, might emerge by end of week.
  17. benny6910

    benny6910 Member

    It depends on what it’s dressed with I’ve found, my second wheats that’s have latitude on were sown last week and won’t be seeing it out for at least 14 days probably longer as we’ve had 20 mm of rain after drilling and a touch of frost the last couple of nights
  18. Fish

    Fish Member

    North yorkshire
    If it stays warm it could be through in 3 weeks, but if winter turns up much longer.
    Once drilled wheat after maize many moons ago in early November, it took nine weeks to come through.
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  19. First drilled now started tillering took 10 days to emerge
    Bg either dead or showing signs of pre Emm uptake

    Later drilled second wheats planted due to open autumn starting to poke through now after 14 to 16 days

    Forecast to stay warmish with little frost
    Looking for aphids on sunny afternoons but not finding any on wheat
    I have seen them when looking into the sun in previous years up to December
    Peach potatoe on rape/charlock volunteers are easy to find
    The frosts so far will has slowed them up or the benificials are controlling them

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