Dromone hitch. Push out without lowering?


Oslo, Norway

Was in a hurry today and had to move a small lorry trailer with WBG eye. Managed to get it fully locked on the Dromone hitch, and now impossible to release.

There are two allen bolts on top of what I think is the locking mechanism, so you can`t push the hitch out without lowering it. Would unscrew them solve the problem?

Don`t want to f**** it up even more.

The Dromone website does not work, and I need the tractor for other jobs. Very annoying pulling that trailer around...
Try wiggling it in and out on the ram while lifted up fully and pulling steady constant pressure on the cable / lever,done the same thinghere and this worked,gives it all a bit of jiggle and it released eventually.hope it works for you"

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If ive read this correct I too suffered the same fate. Lifted a small eyed diesel bower up, pulled it in and Couldnt lift hitch up to clear the latching hooks. After much frustration I got two pry bars under the two Allen heads and inched them up to pull the locking pawls clear. Then got someone to power out the hitch. BE CAREFULL. It takes some fettling and ensures you won't make the same mistake again.


If it went in it should release. I have seen the angle between the tractor and trailer make a difference. Try the front wheels of the tractor up or down hill to see if it releases.


Oslo, Norway
Thanks for quick responses. Will try to lift the allen bolts first, then unscrew them..

I had a look at the latching hooks and there is no way they will clear.


The bolts have been known to shear, which is a bit of a barsteward when it happens.
Usually its just the pressure of the oil pushing on the ram agains the two locking rods [at the bottom of the Allen studs] that stops the hitch from lowering. I presume you must have tried the float position on the spool valve, which usually releases the pressure?

Otherwise there must be either something foreign jamming the parts or the pins have bent somehow. Try making sure that any ring hitch of an implement is not tightly held somehow, and then try prying the Allen bolts upwards against the springs.

If the pressure on the push-out ram is released and you can unlatch the hooks that hold it up, then get someone to hold the lever of the release hooks and with the links slightly lowered, try using a sledge hammer to the implement drawbar to see if that releases it. Mind your feet though, just in case it releases suddenly and drops further than you thought.

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