Duck Behaving Strangely.

Aye up,

My daughter keeps half a dozen ducks. The males were bullying the females a bit some time back, so we split them up, all happy now. They are inside, a big shed and enclosure with access to a small pool on alternate days. They all have clean drinking water every day and are fed dry pellets with regular treats!!! Peas, sweetcorn etc.

They look well and have been until one refused to walk anywhere about a week ago. He went off his food for a few days but is eating again now, always drank water when presented with it. Daughter has him in the veranda and puts him on a paddling pool a few times per day and he just bobs about, might stretch his legs occasionally but doesn’t swim or preen himself, no head ducking under the water like they usually do.

Vet took a look, found nothing at all but prescribed ABs, coarse finished now.

He looks well in every way but won’t use his legs. He CAN use his legs because he can turn himself on the water, but won’t make any effort.

Any ideas? Daughter getting bothered now. ☹️

Cheers, Pete.

melted welly

Sounds silly, but maybe depressed about being split up?

wife had a menagerie of chicks a few yrs back plus one gosling 🙄. The gosling plus one of the runty hens got pecked and bullied by the others. Fast fwd a few months and Gosling is now a pig amongst guinea pigs, and the runty hen is under its close protection. Anyway, runty hen is deemed surplus to requirements and culled, Goose immediately off its food, just mooching around, wife sat in garden and it waddled up to her and laid its head in her lap, made her cry she felt so bad!

Got a gander from Fife as a companion which cheered the Goose up again, but he was a total cock around the kids, in the end they both went to a different home as wife couldn’t face upsetting the goose again 🤣


Arable Farmer
Put a couple of females in with him see if that perks him up, failing that and how long he may of been like it then like already said i think it might be the start of the end sadly.
Vet out to a duck.....expensive!
Sorry Pete but I used to keep ducks and once they go off their feet, as above, they won’t get better, do the deed and have a nice dinner.

🤣🤣 don’t worry, I’m not soft enough to call the vet out!

We’ll try some vit b but it sounds pretty terminal doesn’t it? To be fair, the vet did say give him some brewers yeast, which I guess would be similar to marmite?


Had a goose similar recently and it was cured completely with Vit B. Problem came back unfortunately which left him only able to use one leg after second bout of treatment.
One leg he could cope with but it gave the fox too much of an advantage eventually.

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