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Discussion in 'Workshop Projects' started by Rabbit, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. As a little aside to this, if your flexi black plastic mudguards and other bits go dull grey, you can get them back to black again with careful heat from a paint stripper heater gun thingymebob. Just go at it steady though.
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    Rubbing peanut butter into it is a recognised cure. (true)
  3. Heard of that before but never actually tried it, scared in case I end up with a blob of plastic on the floor,,,,,,,
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    Depending on the paint quality, Farecla G6 or G3 with a rotary polisher.

    I'd probably go for G6 but be careful if you've no experience of rotary polishers, use a water spray too.

    I've used a similar method to restore white plastic tanks but first using wet and dry to fluff up the plastic. Definitely works and restores the gloss shine too.
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  5. Well, you learn something every day!
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    I can assure you I wouldn't be considering polishing the slurry tanker only for this boo boo!

    Just want to fix my mistake and know not to use TFR on her again. Will wash off with the power washer and a coat of diesel/oil mix after the season.

    I'll just make sure the neighbours never find out haha!
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