Early vigour wheat for DD

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Crops & Agronomy' started by rusty, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. rusty

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    Buxton Derbyshire
    I am looking for recommendations for winter wheat varietys with early vigorous growth for direct drilling on an upland farm. I have 26 acres of first wheat to go into burnt off intensive grassland and 30 acres of continuous wheat that has been mucked and one pass with a short disc. I have used Leeds for the last 3 years but chap who does agronomy thinks it's becoming outclassed now. Looking at recommended lists can't find any info on early vigour. And suitability for late sowing.
    I intend to drill 3rd week of September but both blocks of ground are over 1050ft but nice limestone soil with plenty of fertility.
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    Bennington romped away early compared to Lili in the same field for us this year after grass. Yielded a touch better too.
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  3. juke

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    Skyfall does the job for us in the vigour and getting going department drilled any time from trying beginning of September
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