Email From RPA About Land Double Claimed

Discussion in 'Tenant Farming, Subsidies, BPS & Legal Issues' started by Frank-the-Wool, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Frank-the-Wool

    East Sussex
    Had an email about a parcel of land that they say has been double claimed, however I have not claimed for this field at all! It is mostly scrub and the owner of it has not claimed either.
    Anyone else had this happen?

    I tried to log in to the RPA through the government gateway and the logins have been wiped on both of my computers! All very odd.
  2. SarahP

    SarahP New Member

    A little behind on this one but if its not yours and you don't claim it just give them a call or send them an email to let them know. Probably one of their many re-mapping cock-ups ! Ive had a few cases like this and easily rectified.
  3. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    I’ve had this. Turned out someone else had claimed on my land. They perused him for the money and made me wait long after he had paid them back
  4. That's strange we've had a letter stating the same to. Double claimed.....
  5. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Worth chasing this up or it will delay your payment. I expect the RPA have allocated your land to someone else.
  6. benny6910

    benny6910 Member

    I’ve had similar this year, double claiming on a field that I rent, it got sorted out fairly quickly just hope it doesn’t trigger a inspection
  7. Frank-the-Wool

    East Sussex
    I thought I had it sorted but then discovered they had put the decimal point in the wrong place for the parcel area and have asked them to confirm the correct area. Of course heard nothing back in the last 3 weeks.
    I am not expecting to get paid anytime soon as I have had 2 inspections recently!!
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  8. renewablejohn

    renewablejohn Member

    I have 3 bits of land they said I had double claimed but its the same field numbers that I share with my neighbor so really it needs to be split into new field numbers. As I dont have enough eligible land to make a claim is it really worth correcting or just ignore and be a good neighbor and let him claim a bit extra.
  9. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Could be the "tip of an iceberg", wasters out there trying their luck on any bits of land is there??
  10. Frank-the-Wool

    East Sussex
    Just received another email about the said parcel with a sort of apology from the RPA that it had not been double claimed at all and it was there error!

    Am I relieved about that, well no as I am sure as this has taken 6 weeks to resolve one very small mistake of theirs that my payment will now be put back due to their incompetence.

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