Empty 10,500sqft barn...self storage?

Discussion in 'Rural Diversification' started by cgfw201, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Watch this one- we have a 10,000 sq ft shed which we let for 20 years to one tenant, but when he left, the council gave us just 3 months rate free before the whole lot becomes liable for business rates, which in the New Forest amounts to £10,000 pa.
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    West Wales
    Dragon wifi their called, a guy called Guy is the main lad there, based near haverfordwest but he may know of someone similar near you? Is it worth you trying farming connect or a machinery ring to see if they have any contacts for you?
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    Glamorgan Wales
    Better leaving empty then?
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    Thanks, will look into it. Can you tell me roughly what the monthly cost is? Will look at farming connect too.

  5. Red Fred

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    You have to pay even if it is empty. The options are to find a single tenant to take it all on, divide it into small units that attract small business rate relief, or revert it to agriculture, but that would jeopardise its planning status which cost the previous tenant a fortune to get through.
    The rates assessor from the council, who was being made redundant and possibly was more sympathetic than usual, told me to rent it to anyone, such as a friend for a month, then obtain the 3 free months again. I haven't got my head round that yet, as I'm not sure of the legal niceties of it.
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    Glamorgan Wales
    So commercial and not agricultural barn then.
    Or it has been changed to commercal .
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    Ours is the covered yard that dad put up in 1976 for the cows. When we gave up milking, because of the good location, a chap came along wanting to put his collection of old cars in there, and he spent the first two years on a peppercorn rent as he wanted to get planning for an exhibition/museum. He had a 20 year lease, but now it has run out the building is still classed as a museum. I believe the rates are the same though, even for an industrial unit once planning has been granted. It needs a bit of thinking about if you are letting as one big unit and have gone through the planning hoops.
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    Anyone know how difficult is it to ‘convert’ a building back to agricultural status ?
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    @cgfw201 we know of some great farmers doing this successfully and would be happy to introduce you to them if you wanted a chat.
    You can attract customers for free on www.explorage.co.uk and just pay a 5% commission of any bookings. We also offer a self-storage management service, to deal with business set up and and day to day customer communications. Always happy to help out. Every success with whatever you decide.

    Mobile: +44 (0)7527 546134
    Email: anna.roberts@explorage.co.uk
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    Bury St Edmunds
    I understood that you cannot revert a building to Ag status, once paying rates it does so till it is dismantled
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    The location sounds ideal for all the mentioned options, would you consider converting to residential?
  12. 10,500 square foot is enough for ten houses, each of three bedrooms. Can’t see a building that size having much in the way of development potential, without some very strange shaped windowless boxes!
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    It's possible under permitted development, creating up to 5 decent sized dwellings. I've completed a number of these and they can end up looking pretty great visually too. Search Class Q on google for some examples. I'd be happy to help or answer any questions.
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