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Discussion in 'Renewable Energy' started by SJA, Sep 12, 2018.

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    Dear All

    We have 3 turbines and they have been up for 4 - 5 Years and we have been told that our Insurance company is bowing out of the wind power game, so my question is has anybody got any good insurance brokers ect.....

    Don't get me wrong we have had some bed plate cracks but we have repaired them myself and we have had no problems since, also i was told we must go down the expander pin route, but we never we decided to take the blades down and inspect everything and found that one of the brass bush was slightly worn so all was renewed and the pins, so we have been proactive and we are planning to change these items every two years and we are servicing the turbine twice a year and keeping an any eye on things. But speaking to the insurance companies it would appear that none of this matters, we can get cover at a high cost but when you ask the questions it would appear that very little is covered.

    Whats people's thought's on the insurance with the endurance ect..... I'm thinking if its so hard to get insurance and they have all this restrictions then i'm thinking of putting the money into replacing parts more often and going down that route. We have had people near us who stopped there turbine thought they would replace the bed plate as it was cracked then there told the insurance will not pay out as its classed as wear and tear ect,..... so it would seem that its always going to be a struggle to get a claim through.

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    Unfortunately the insurance industry is backing away. There are some policies at £3-4k per year, but lots of exclusions/caveats.

    As far as I can tell, no insurance will cover the bed plate.
  3. Hello,

    We understand that insurance is tricky to navigate in the turbine industry at the moment. However, there are ways in which you can reduce the cost of maintaining your endurance machines. We are a specialist company servicing turbines all over the U.K. We maintain a small fleet and are very competitive in the marketplace.

    If you are ever looking to switch from your current service provider, get in touch with our team and see how we can help you. Our engineers would be more than happy to visit your site and conduct a site survey.

    Our contact number is 0115 9756 011.

    Best wishes.
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    Turbine Parts are now offering to provide replacement circular-root blades for the E3120 direct to owners with the installation work subcontracted to one of their partners.
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    TPL has now published a price of £36,500 + VAT installed for a set of E3120 blades including a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

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