English Premier Pedigree Spring Show and Sale 18th March

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  1. Wolds Beef

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    Important Day in the Lincoln Red Calendar, A good chance to buy some easy calving, easy finishing cattle that cross well with many other breeds. And again @JP1, Please. The Lincolns are at the back of the Catalogue this time round. Will you be there this time @JP1
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  3. JP1

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    I am not sure If I'll be there. I attach the catalogue on here too

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  4. Wolds Beef

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    Thanks @JP1 I keep hoping as you always help me out!
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  5. Wolds Beef

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    @foxbox It would be nice to see you at the sale! Not seen you mentioned on here for a long time!
  6. foxbox

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    West Northants
    I'm still about, thanks for the tag! I doubt I'll make it this year unfortunately, I'd be interested to know what prices are achieved though. Some pretty major changes due in our herd in the next few years so you never know...
  7. Wolds Beef

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    You can now get a paper copy of the catalogue from either Newark Market or the Lincoln Red Society office. I surpose the other breeds will do the same. Looking forward to It!
  8. AF Salers

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    York, UK
    I have 1 bull in the sale, Approach Farm Klassic, Lot no 1 with the sale starting at 12 noon.

    A very quiet well natured bull, with strong maternal characteristics as well as excellent conformation.

    Klassic's sire (Manor Lane Firework) was Great Yorkshire Show champion 2013, his dam (Poldean Cherie) was Interbreed heifer champion at Newark & Nott's show 2012.

    The herd is:
    TB4, last tested Nov 2015
    BVD accredited since since 2011, Klassic is vaccinated
    Leptospirosis accredited free since 2015
    IBR monitored free, and Klassic is vaccinated
    Johnes Level 1, consecutive for 6 years

    If anyone would like to know anything further, please give me a ring on 07971 795762

    Klassic Mar 12th a.jpg Klassic Mar 12th b.jpg
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  9. Wolds Beef

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    Nice Bull @AF Salers It's a shame there are not more Salers represented! Is there a reason for this? See you there!
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  10. AF Salers

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    York, UK
    Thank you, I look forward to seeing you there also @Wolds Beef , I should be easy to find with being Lot 1!!
    Hopefully it will be a good sale. We are a bit down on numbers due to 1 or 2 further south going down with bTB and also the breed is historically seen as being more an upland breed, where in truth it has much to offer the lowland suckler farmer also, particularly with ease of calving and reduced labour requirement.
    Further to this there is an ever growing waiting list for females so they don't tend to make it to sales as they sell directly off farm beforehand.
  11. Wolds Beef

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    A Day to go! I hope all the cattle are washed, trimmed, there feet trimmed and ready to go! I have nothing there this time. Last night though, I had a cow started calving at about 10.00pm, I got up at 2.00am and looked through the crew fence to see a Lincoln Red calf taking its first drink, Mum was a little protective so I did not go near. Just going to check on it!!
  12. Forever Fendt

    Forever Fendt Member

    Went for a look today ,some very good cattle and looking at the prices all vendors should be pleased,cows with strong calves at foot and scanned back in calf looked the best value of the day
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  13. Wolds Beef

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    I think the Vendors should be happy. @AF Salers and @Hesstondriver presented smart bulls of there respective breed. Some LR's not presented but those that were made good money. Photographers from three companies were there so I hope @JP1 will keep his eye out and lift them accordingly!!
  14. JP1

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    "Sudbrooke Valerie V016 took Reserve Champion Female at the English Premier Pedigree Spring Show and Sale. Unfortunately we did not manage to get a photograph of Sudbrooke Valerie at the sale, but here she is at home."

  15. JP1

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    " Fantastic day at the English Premier Pedigree Show and Sale. Pictured in the first photo is Male Supreme Champion Foulness Usher and Male Reserve Supreme Champion Highbarn Universe. The second picture is Padworth Park Udele U157 who took Female Champion."

    17361914_1389361647799989_5905631289913917320_n.jpg 17361532_1389361657799988_8564751502125614469_n.jpg
  16. Is the sale report available yet?

    Just curious...
  17. AF Salers

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    York, UK
    Thank you @Wolds Beef , good to see you and put a face to the name!
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  18. Forever Fendt

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    Fantastic stock on offer and solid prices my choice of lots was lot no 611 from SD Abram nov 2013 cow with june 2016 heifer calf and P/D 7 month in calf with the same sire as the outstanding calf at foot , i am sure it was at the £3k mark
  19. Wolds Beef

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    @JP1 There is now a report on the Newark website and on the FW Website. And plenty of pictures on the Mcgregor site.
  20. JP1

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    English Premier Sale peaks at 7500gns

    Trade at Saturday’s English Premier Sale, Newark, was strong across the board, with buyers out in force from across the UK and a 96% clearance of the 158 lots offered.

    Auctioneer Paul Gentry said once again the sale had delivered strong results for vendors. “Well bred, well produced cattle of all breeds were in demand with buyers from across the UK in attendance to seek out new genetics for their herds. All vendors are to be congratulated on the turnout of cattle and the results speak for themselves.”

    Top price of the day at 7500gns was paid for Simmental bull Heathbrow Governor from David and Lesley Sapsed, Hertfordshire. Governor, a son of homebred Heathbrow Ex Factor out of Hockenhull Girlie 22, herself a Blackford Harvester daughter sold having been unbeaten in the show ring last year and was the pick of the Lyle family for their Cambus and Viewforth herds, Leven, Fife.


    Second best of the day in the Simmentals was a 4000gns call for the pre-sale champion, Sacombe Gladiator from the Borlase family, Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire. This son of former Burke Trophy winner Clonagh World Class is out of Sacombe Wanda-Wanse, a Glenturk Nomad daughter. He sold to W R Eales and Son, Peatling Magna, Leicestershire.


    Then making 3800gns was Burghbridge Gino from C J G Clarke. This Horsfordmanor Bonus son is out of Burghbridge Twiggy, a Strathisla Popeye daughter. He was knocked down to C F Middleton and Son, Alford, Lincolnshire.

    At the same money was Hemingford Gandalf from Messrs Griffin and Arkley, with this Corskie Dreamer son being out of Hemingford Elsie, a Starline Wizzkidd daughter. He was bought by S and M Thackray, Dewsbury, Yorkshire


    Simmental female prices hit a top of 4000gns for Thursford Holly 3 from the dispersal of the Thursford herd on behalf of D C Mitchell. This Blair Rory-sired fifth calver is out of Thursford Holly, a Halenook Lex Scripta daughter and sold with a bull calf at foot by Scotland Hill Cairo. She was bought by David Lowry, Cartland, Lanarkshire.


    Another from the same home then made 3800gns, with this being Thursford Ruffles 31, a Kilbride Farm Van Gogh daughter out of Thursford Ruffles 18, a Blair Rory daughter. This third calver sold with a heifer calf at foot by Scotland Hill Cairo and was bought by C M R Soutar, Arbroath.

    Three then sold at 2600gns from the same home, with the first being Thursford Debs 21, a Blari Rory sired third calver out of a Halenook Lex Scripta daughter. She sold with twin calves at foot and was bought by Michael McDermott, Hayes.

    Second at this level was Thursford Ruffles 24, a Blair Rory daughter sold with her fourth calf at foot. She is out of Thursford Ruffles 11, a Caldwell Gold Bar daughter and sold to Messrs Key, Mundham, Norfolk.

    Third to make this price was Thursford Debs 34, a Scotland Hill Cairo daughter from the dispersal of the Thursford herd on behalf of D C Mitchell. This yearling heifer is out of a Halenook Lex Scripta daughter and sold to previous buyer Messrs Soutar.


    A select offering of Aberdeen-Angus bulls then sold to a high of 5000gns, with this paid for Shadwell Lord Horatio R802 from Shadwell Estate. He is a Rawburn Rommel E423 son out of Shadwell Lady Heather M572, a daughter of Netherallan Peter Pershore. This one sold to Rand Contracting, Reed, Hertfordshire.


    Another from the same vendor, Shadwell Fury R857, an Idvies Eland N596 son out of Shadwell Fleur, another Peter Pershore daughter then sold at 4300gns. He was bought by Don Parkin and Sons, Gateforth.

    Messrs Irwin then sold Bonshaw Patriot R099 at 3000gns, with this being an Oakchurch Dynamic son out of Top Line Petal J134, a Glympton Brook daughter. He was bought by Hollinshead Farms, Atherstone, Warwickshire.

    Lincoln Reds

    Heading up the prices in the Lincoln Reds was a 6500gns call for Foulness Usher from Chris Page. Sired by St Fort Rolex this one is out of Westacre Bianca P65, a Market Stainton King daughter, and sold to W Mallon Livestock, Little Fransham, Norfolk.


    Next best here was a 5500gns bid for Highbarn Universe from N J Barton. He is a Brackenhurst Ranger son out of Highbarn Patricia P8, a Walmber Hermes daughter. He was the choice of Severalles Farms, Newbury.


    A 5000gns call followed that, with this price paid for Auchmacoy Ulfred from Susan Buchan, Aberdeenshire. This Auchmacoy Orlando son is out of Auchmacoy Bianca, an Auchmacoy Langworth daughter and sold to Michael Read, Hemingby, Lincolnshire.


    Then selling at 4200gns was another Scottish bred bull, this time St Fort Union Jack from Andrew Mylius. This son of Wragby Minstrel is out of St Fort Thora, a St Fort Guv’nor daughter. He found a new home with R and I Mee, Hathern, Leicestershire.

    Selling for the same figure was St Fort Universe, again from Andrew Mylius. This is a Beverley Noble son out of St Fort Hetty, a St Fort Eskimo daughter. He was knocked down to Chris Page, Brough, East Yorkshire.

    After that came a 3800gns call for Springwood Uproar from Julie Evans. This son of Walmer Piper is out of Springwood Miss P39, a Hemingby Dragoon daughter and sold to previous buyer Severalles Farms.

    Female trade in the Lincoln Reds reached a high of 2000gns for Walmer Lass U1083, a Market Stainton Norman daughter from the Needler family. She is out of Walmer Lass L65, a Beverley Henchman daughter and sold to Spendlove Brothers, Orton, Northamptonshire.

    Just shy of that were a pair at 1900gns, with the first of these being Wells Marsh Primrose Umber U357 from J Kennedy. This Hemingby Gordon daughter is out of Wells Marsh J139, a Market Stainton Ambassador daughter. She sold to Messrs Stephen, Kings Lynn.

    The other at this price was Wells March Ruby Unity U359 from the same vendor. She is another by Hemingby Gordon and is out of Wells Marsh N239, a Beverley Gurka daughter. Buying her were Dixon Partners, Hungarton, Leicestershire.


    The highlight of the Salers entry was a 4000gns call for Rigel Kentucky from Rigel Pedigrees. Sired by French bull Casimir, he is out of Rigel Malibu, a Rigel Byron daughter and sold to J L Hartley and Son, Much Wenlock, Shropshire.

    Then at 3600gns was Approach Farm Klassic from Angus Gowthorpe. He is by Manor Lane Firework and out of Poldean Cherie, a Poldean Uri daughter. Buying this one were A T Hames and Son, Melborune, Derbyshire.

    Averages; 10 Simmental bulls £3753.75, 17 Lincoln Red bulls £3524.06, four Aberdeen-Angus bulls £3885, three Salers bulls £3885, 43 Lincoln Red females £1608.35, 45 Simmental heifers £1846.83, eight empty or in-calf Simmental cows £1588.13, 28 Simmental cows and calves £2268.75 (Newark Livestock Sales).

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