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    Scottish Borders.
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    north norfolk
    also see 'calf at foot dairy' somerleyton:)
  3. Happy at it

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    So he's spent 800k , and needs to guinea hunt for money just to show to potential investors "profit isn't everything." Madness....
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    South west
    How can you possibley spend this much and need more! For the amount spent i would expect a very large business operation which wouldnt bat an eye to get its hands on 50k when it needed it.
  5. Dead Rabbits

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    Damn, was he just lighting the money on fire? Leaving calves on cows takes less facilities and less work. How did he manage to reverse it?
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  6. P.O.T

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    all well and good but not like he needs to push production like over dairy farms do to cover costs. just needs enough to make ice cream. a very large ice cream business large out door and indoor play bits for kids. can't not have 50000 lying about.
  7. 680k on fencing and sheds. Is he running 1000 cows?
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  8. this crowd funding do you have to pay it back with interest ? or is it just begging
  9. P.O.T

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  10. Coo man

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    Just begging
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  12. best get me cap out and a small placard round my neck then better than working for a living

  13. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    Crowd funding is great for certain charitable things, easy to set up easy to donate massive audience. However imo it get abused by folk who need Bank loan, but then if folk are daft enough to hand money over more fool them, fools n money easily parted ! but you get the odd crowd fund that is just offensive to be honest.
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  15. Blaithin

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    Alberta, Canada
    Funny, my cow calf pairs function just fine in pastures and buildings that single and dry cows function in.

    They’re going to give all farmers attempting a different management model bad names. Money grabbing, coin phrase using, idiots spring to mind.
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  16. itmustshine

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    It's a strange one. Looks a good diversified project, maybe I'm old school but that 50k should be a loan or finance : financed by increased sales from public / wholesale.
    Just like the rest of us have to , otherwise it'll never stand on its own two feet.
    If you can do that, then fair enough : promote your welfare and system but make it pay! Surely it's a beef suckled herd, using dairy breeds and making a lot of cheese and ice cream .
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  17. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    I agree, if its not standing on its own feet 50k crowd funding is only going to prolong the agony, if it is standing up go to the bank ?
  18. JP1

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    I have friends who are starting out and grassing over an arable unit. They have 50 Jerseys milking once a day and with hashtag calfatfoot. They are very keen to develop their direct marketing selling raw milk etc. It would be a shame if others get a subsidy to basically compete against them
  19. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    Whats the fascination with raw milk ? Its a time bomb waiting to go off if you ask me, pasteurisation was invented for good reason no ? few deaths from Salmonella and or TB will end raw milk thing.
  20. How do all the other dairy farmers in the country feel about this place telling them that they are not ethical?

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