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Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Machinery' started by Fred, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Fred

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    Mid Northants
    Just read this on the BASF blog website , big news , from NZ , after a visit from UK farmers

    Before the end of the year John is going to announce a new UK distributor of the Cross Slot, he told our farmers that they were the first to hear about it, and that they should all look out for the news of who it will be via The Farming Forum and Direct Driller magazine. Some of the fabrication will be done in Eastern Europe, where John says the quality of workmanship is outstanding (but a lot cheaper), assembly will be in the UK, and the all-important soil-contacting ‘openers’ will continue to be made by the Cross Slot team in Fielding. His hope is that this will make the drill cheaper.

    Maybe the rumours are correct , whos the mystery man behind it ? Primewest ?
  2. York

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    look, why do you want to unwrap this Christmas present?
    What difference does it make in whom it is?
  3. Fred

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    Mid Northants
    None whatsoever , I thought there was a distributor in the UK in Primewest , I saw the blog and just thought it was interesting ,

    I have no interest in either, it just seemed an odd way of releasing the news .
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