Ewe gone wobbly

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  1. Got a NC mule ewe staggering around with poor coordination etc , she can see and is alert. I have treated her with mag and Calcium last night as well as AB. She is a lit worse this morning and I have given her more mag and Ca along with a shot of B1. She is quite thin compared to the others, probably in lamb , but not scanned yet.
    Being fed FB , a few Malt Pellets with minerals and calcium carbonate added to the pellets through the snacker. 6 weeks from lambing date.
    Any thoughts, advice or comments appreciated.
    Many thanks
  2. egbert

    egbert Member

    ears twitching? is this twin lamb disease? get some glucose in her pronto.....
  3. Thanks.
    Just done that, covered that base at least, don't think its TLD , find they usually go lathargic and stiff etc with that and off there food. She was still eating a bit of fodder beet last night. I may well be wrong though.
  4. Gator

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  5. Not impossible. Have given AB.
  6. egbert

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    'sheeps disease' then
  7. spin cycle

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    north norfolk
    laminitis/acidosis?....hooves hot?
  8. Al R

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    West Wales

    I’ve never seen TLD that far from lambing even on really thin ewes.
  9. spin cycle

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    north norfolk
  10. milkloss

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    East Sussex
    I thought listeria caused one droopy ear, head cocked to one side which is similar to a spinal abscess.
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  11. Could these give drunk like symptoms?
  12. How does Gid work?
  13. Could Fluke or Haemonchus , as mentioned above, affect the sheeps balance ? Will wormer her in the morning.
  14. spin cycle

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    north norfolk
    if she's tender on her feet she might be wobbly..look drunk?....fb + malt pellets...not a lot of roughage if she pigs out?....tld meds would make worse?......teaspoon of bicarb of soda dissolved +loxicom?
  15. spin cycle

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    north norfolk
    ivermectin for haemonchus....i don't think it's that on reflection as you've said she's 'alert'....but cover that base
  16. milkloss

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    East Sussex
    It’s the larval stage (cyst) of a tapeworm found in foxes dogs etc, humans too but it isn’t good. Years ago the old man made a stainless steel punch for knocking a hole in the sheep’s head to remove it. Whether it was ever used or successful is something I don’t know.

    One of those things on the side indoors and people ask what it is for and promptly wish they hadn’t !!
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  17. Worth a try. What is Loxicom ?
  18. Lili

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    Gid or sturdy is caused by a tapeworm cyst in the brain. Sheep usually goes round and round in circles. Sounds more likely to be listeria.
  19. She does seem to want to fall to the left more than the right.
  20. Gulli

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    Could be any number of things really, your best bet is to call a vet for an accurate diagnosis.
    Has she got a temperature? If not then that would rule out most infections.
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