Ex Bowling green floodlights

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  1. Our bowling club recently changed the floodlights for big LED ones .
    There are 5 units ,all 400 watt , and all working that we want to find homes for !
    If anyone has a use for one or more can they let me know?
    We want about a tenner apiece - obviously postage will be extra.
    If you wanted them all we could do a good deal or just make me an offer ;)

    Shropshire area if you wanted to collect :rolleyes:

  2. I will get some pictures up a bit later
  3. [​IMG] 2 of these . 400 watt Ansell SON lamps
    and 3 of these older ones
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    Assume you have run this past 'Genial Harry Grout' first....
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  5. I am with you now Fletcher :wacky:
  6. RFCforme

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    west of glasgow
    Can I ask you what led lights you replaced them with as our bowling green needs to replace our old sodium floodlights .
  7. We replaced the 400 watt ones on our street lamps , with a single led lamp of 250 -300 watt .(I think , cant remember exactly now ) That was because it was cheaper to have one 150 than 2 x75 's on each pole
    Trouble with that was , the poles are at each corner and although the light is good enough , we ended up with a slight darker spot along the middle of each side . Covering the whole area is tricky!
    Eventually we put 2 smaller ones on 2 opposit poles to cover that area too!!.
    But I see now that they have light units with several lights so they can be all altered to suit .
    We used Exled http://www.exled.co.uk/product-ranges/high-power-led-floodlights/
    We had a problem with water ingress in one and they did all the warranty stuff on it !:)
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  8. Kinda interested in these lights, if you still have them for sale, all of them if possible just depends on postage costs really to LE7 9LJ, Shropshire is a bit far away to coke and collect them at the minute as we’ve just started lambing.

  9. Hi Mark.
    I should have updated the thread .
    I am sorry but the 2 are sold I think but the other 3 GEC ones can still be had but postage would be unpracticle I think as they are quite heavy!
  10. That’s what I was thinking, Would cost more than there worth in postage I’d think. Shame as they’d be useful as we already use that kind of light about the place

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