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Ezi-weigh 7i pairing issue

Discussion in 'Computers & IT' started by Smurfancoke, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Smurfancoke

    Smurfancoke New Member

    Hi all,
    Bought a new Ezi-weigh 7i and have been trying unsuccessfully to connect via Bluetooth to my Shearwell SDL400s stick reader.
    Downloaded the software for the reader and added the bluetooth address of the Ezw7i but it won't connect...
    Contacted Shearwell who say that my reader ( red handle ) won't work but the blue handled version will... apparently the only difference is that the blue handled version is for Apple phones.
    Contacted Tru-test who say that there shouldn't be a problem but did suggest that the Ezw7i had a pairing code of 0000 and I know from connecting the reader to my phone and pc that it has a pairing code of 1111...
    Problem is there is no option to change the code in the Shearwell software...
    Anyone come across this before or know of a way round it.... I'm just about beat...
  2. walesfarmer

    walesfarmer New Member

    I've also had this problem. Got one red SDL400S and one blue SDL440S and an EW7i. Only the blue one will connect although both readers are bluetooth code 1111. I think it might be because of a newer version of bluetooth in the 7i and 440S compared to an older version of bluetooth in the 400S and an eziweigh 7 and that they are not backwards compatible
  3. walesfarmer

    walesfarmer New Member

  4. walesfarmer

    walesfarmer New Member

    Have you any update on this?
  5. Smurfancoke

    Smurfancoke New Member

    Yes and no...
    Shearwell have explained that the Red stick won't work with the Ezw7i, but will work with the older Ezw7....
    Tru-test are of the opinion that it should work but...
    Anyway, I have been talking with Shearwells tech girl and we've been looking at using their StockMove app as a middleman, essentially having the reader and weigher both connected to the phone but not directly to each other.
    I am also going to try this approach with Farmwizard hopefully soon...
    Will update when I get a chance to do some experimenting...
  6. walesfarmer

    walesfarmer New Member

    Using the app (only on Android phone for red stick) works well although you will need to pay the £30/yr NLMDLT subscription for premium StockMove- recently started doing it myself. Look forward to hearing how you get on with the farmwizard app

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