Farm building security, deterrents, good ideas?


Livestock Farmer
North Yorkshire
Got 2 buildings away from the house (about a mile)
Both block/concrete panels to about 4 foot then Yorkshire boarding. No.mains power or WiFi.

Had a break in a few months back, took some power tools.
Got the usual, quad, tractor, generator and bits and bats, anything worth money that I can easily take home, I do.

Found out tonight some dodgy scrotes have had a look around tonight.

Gates/doors all padlocked with decent locks.

I'm not sure what else I could do, so im open to your ideas 🤷‍♂️

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Mixed Farmer
South Wales UK
My mate got the same.
He got good camera's and wifi system fitted and no power or wifi there.
One way in one way out .
All locks, doors , access in around and inside all stiffened up and ready for them how ever they try it.
(Public forum so scrotes read up also, so be aware?)
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North Suffolk
Leave it loose? Or chained up?


Would it just be another thing stolen?
Ours is chained in the shed, is a stupidly soft collie but has a good bark which in a big shed is amplified and puts off any undesirables. Could leave her loose but is chained more out of habit after the jack russell that preceeded her would bite through hydraulic hoses, wiring looms etc in her frustration at not being able to get to a rat🙄

If you get one sharp enough they can't steal it 🤣

Still Farming

Mixed Farmer
South Wales UK
Yep 100% I'm trying to keep it vague!
Make it too heavy to carry ,too far from road.
Slow them up .
Harder to cut ,dig or pick up.
Seems like where people got done early last year their doing the rounds again as they know maybe replaced items etc.etc.
Join Farm watch, Neighbour hood watch ,Facebook groups ,scumbag alerts ,Police Gatesafe etc etc .
Share intelligence, Vehicle reg numbers and details.
Get wildlife trail camera set up as very cheap, camouflaged, good battery and memory card storage, clarity ,dated ,still and movie modes.


Or just get a caravan for howling mad murdock to stay in 😀


I rent a building where my landlord installed some proper security cameras and some dummy ones. Gate was chained and padlocked as were all entries to the building. The chains were cut, padlocks smashed or cut, cladding sheets pried off, proper security cameras were smashed with a rail torn out of the fence and the control unit/recorder was nicked from a steel cabinet. The dummy cameras were obviously no deterrent as they were ignored completely.


caravan with a battery light on inside? They might think someone is staying there.
If it was me and I thought they were coming (you said they have been looking) Id be in the caravan with dog and 12 bore,rabbit shooting obviously ;)

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