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  1. Nh6050

    Nh6050 Member

    anybody done 1 and do they pay.
    What are the pit falls in planning etc.
    And what are the charges per cat ?
    We was thinking 10/12 cats.
  2. Daddy Pig

    Daddy Pig Member

    go and visit some that are not to local to you to get an idea of design and prices that's what we did before we built our boarding kennels.
  3. Nh6050

    Nh6050 Member

    @Daddy Pig how have you found the kennel business ? What was planning like etc
  4. Daddy Pig

    Daddy Pig Member

    very good, best thing we ever did, planning no bother + got permission for a second house for staff as licence conditions state someone has to be on site 24/7
  5. The Business Barn

    Hi there,

    The Business Barn hosts an extensive article about starting a cattery as a new business, that you can access and download here. Once you've downloaded the free PDF you'll find information about key industry trends, laws, qualifications etc. with external website links to relevant businesses and governing bodies who can help and offer more guidance.

    Best wishes,
    The Business Barn
  6. tommyurray

    tommyurray Member

    10/12 cats is part time if you are going to do it I would go bigger depending on your area/ demand if you can.if you were to do dogs planning will be more difficult on noise grounds.cats are less work but less money but some catteries in the south can charge amazing amounts of money with cats getting menus to choose from (owners actually) the prices they can extract from people make me green with envy look up a la cat menu to see what I mean
  7. Timmy_45

    Timmy_45 Member

    I'd never even considered this. But at £10 a day per cat, good lord 10-15 cats sounds like quite a good income. And unlike dogs you don't need to walk them.
  8. Chasingmytail

    Chasingmytail Member

    Newport, SE Wales
    Doesnt sound big enough. 10 cats per day x 7 days x £10pd = £700pw for a business????. Less feeding, cleaning, x2 p/t staff member - you need back up and still pay yourself, capital investment, insurance, advertising, admin, You need electronic gate locked (friend tells me people will turn up all times) You need to think a lot lot bigger to make a income thats not really a business.
  9. farmerm

    farmerm Member

    My wife was looking at it for a while. For us it fell apart when we found it was a requirement to have someone on site 24/7. That's a serious commitment, whilst it might have grown she wasn't planning to start it up at the scale you need to have full time cover. You not only need someone on site but you really need someone else on call 24/7 as a backup for emergencies like having a sick child. Also you need to love cats, like really love cats.
  10. uztrac

    uztrac Member

    My local cattery charges £ 9.00 per day,we also take our own cat food along.Very handy for us on city breaks,hunting trips,and annual hols.Good care and attention to our animals.
  11. This one was started by a local farmer who semi retired when he started it probably 15 years ago.

    Think he does alright.

    Tickled me when he told me of one awkward cat which he had to wear welding gloves and a motorcycle crash helmet with visor to go in to it.:ROFLMAO:
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  12. Lazy Sod

    Lazy Sod Member

    I don't know what proportion of catteries also board dogs, but I don't think that it's a good idea. As I have never had a dog - I don't like them, my cats never experienced them. To put such a cat within earshot of barking dogs would be very uncomfortable for them.
  13. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    One friend on here, his brother and wife have one but she's a cat nutter. ;)
    They've no kids and it is her main job.
    It beats farming any other type of stock.
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  14. 7610 super q

    7610 super q Member

    Are cats difficult to herd ?
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  15. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    They've a trained hamster in a plastic ball that runs around a paddock twice a day for the cats to chase.
  16. we had a cat called Sue and everything had to be done to suit her …. she was fussy what food she ate and I think it would be difficult running a cattery if they were all like Sue
  17. Timmy_45

    Timmy_45 Member

    Probably not as bed as people think, I was up in the fields checking the sheep and there was my small white cat running around in the middle of them. When they all ran into a corner of the field he went along with the general stampede.

    Btw serious point, putting a Nursery where you're looking at £40 a day for a child ( with huge compliance overheads and staff costs ) versus a Cattery at £10 a day per cat, and I know which one I think would be less stressful/more profitable after costs.
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  18. Netherfield

    Netherfield Member

    West Yorkshire
    Do cats need a vets certificate before being boarded? To stop cat flu or other cat problems, don't know because I can't do with cats at all.

    And I guess you need to keep the sexes apart from one another.
  19. Timmy_45

    Timmy_45 Member

    Further up in the thread someone posted a link to a 'good' example cattery.

    They specify the various levels of vaccinations/treatments required for admission and also state that 'whole Toms' are not allowed.
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