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Discussion in 'Computers & IT' started by dtm2000, Oct 11, 2018.

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    Hi, I know this has been covered before but is there anyone on here still using farmplan accounts software? Is it that bad? Or is it like gatekeeper a bit 'clunky'?

    Problem I have is taking over a simple cash accounts system run purely on basic cashbook style spreadsheets, I have trialed Xero and sage one previously and like the Xero method as many on here do.

    BUT the accountant is pushing farmplan as that's what they use in the farming department! They do use Xero but the farming team doesn't seem to have embraced it which will make things hard work. . .

    We do also use gatekeeper reluctantly, so apparently the farmplan accounts will save double entering information, how do ppl get on using Xero with gatekeeper? Do all invoices/sales have to be re-entered into gatekeeper afterwards?

    Any help and suggestions much appreciated.
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    We are using it still. It gets slated on this forum but its not too bad. Main reason we still use it is that our secretary likes it and want to continue with it as well as our accountant. Invoices are easy, and many other regular tasks. Where it really falls down is when you want to find older data/transactions.
    Xero is clearly excellent by all users on this forum. I'm hoping farm plan will be updating business manager soon like they are with gatekeeper.
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  3. my accountant said on Tuesday that farmplan have upped their game recently regarding digital tax.

    I found it very clunky compared to xero, and the scanning over all paperwork and attaching to xero transactions takes some beating.
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    Yep the auto scanning/ entering and storing invoices of Xero from anywhare you have a phone is one of the biggest + points I like!
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    The question is how long is a piece of string! And how good will the improvement be? I have the opportunity to start a new system now, from my point of view Xero seems best but to coordinate with the accountant farmplan if improved could be better. . . .

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