Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year 2019

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    Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year 2019

    Syngenta's Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year is back again for 2019, with the same ethos as before, to find the best Farm Sprayer Operator in the UK.

    The application of crop protection products is one of the most complex challenges faced on farm. From filling the sprayer, through applying the spray to disposing of the empty containers, the operator is faced with many possible ways of doing the job.

    The use of plant protection products is under constant scrutiny, so it is important to use them safely and efficiently in a way that meets crop needs, as well as public, operator and environmental safety.

    It’s a tricky balance, but for many operators, it comes as second nature. The Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year award aims to recognise this professional approach and help encourage further improvements.

    It’s not about having the latest kit. If you can demonstrate ingenuity and an ability to meet these varying objectives by using agrochemicals sensibly, then you are in with a chance of winning.

    As always, the competition winner will be announced at the Cereals show in June and there will be a finalists’ dinner the night before.

    The Farming Forum are helping to promote the competition and the farmers themselves who take the time enter. It's always nice to see TFF members in the finals!

    Enter Yourself Now


    Nominate Someone you Know

    Is there someone you know that goes above and beyond to do an amazing job? Forward this link to them and let them know you think they should enter.

    Good Luck Everyone!
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  2. Chris F

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    Don't forget today is the final day to get entered for FSOOTY 2019!
  3. wurzell1976

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    Isle of Axholme
    Has it ever been won with a 1980 s Chafer T3000, set you pressure and your speed ?
  4. Chris F

    Chris F Staff Member

    Having been in the judging room many times, the kit a farmer has doesn;t come into it. Only how educated and innovative that farmers is to get the job done.
  5. Flintstone

    Flintstone Member

    (As long as the big non-farming family owned estate that bought the £289,000 [insert name here of over-priced sprayer] will sound and look really smart across the press for 12 months thereafter, then you’re in with a chance @wurzell1976 (y):ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  6. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    seriously not the case at all (i've been a judge in the past) - in fact the details of what machine the user has isn't even something the panel usual know until the 6 finalist have been chosen (you can guess sometimes though !)

    Every year I was involved there was always, trailed, mounted and self prop machines in the final

    Syngenta (the sponsors) don't sell sprayers so why would they give a dam what machine is being used ?
  7. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    if the operator is good enough then yes it could certainly be - its a competition for operators not machines and the fact you could do it all manually would probably set you apart to the judges these days of GPS computer control doing the thinking for an operator
  8. 7610 super q

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    Reserve a place for me, I'm on my way......:woot:

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  9. Beretta

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    North Wiltshire
    Having been a past winner and judge for the competition, i can honestly say what machinery you have has nothing to do with it. If you have a great idea and the simplest ones are generaly the best then you have a very good chance in the competition. To be fair most people who have added things to their sprayer or how they go about spraying do not realise that those ideas would do well in this competition.
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