Farmer Forgets His Family?


Only one side of this story has been told but from the brief but concise description I would say that the boyfriend is what is known in technical terms as a 'selfish twit'. There are a lot of them about. It may be because he has been spoilt or it may be that he's in a relationship that he regrets or, more likely he's just a sad and dull person with no personality or character.

On the other hand he may be a fantasy. A fictional character devised and directed by the author's red right hand. Who can tell? Not me.


Livestock Farmer
County Down
in the boyfriends defence - when I first moved back to farm full time, I worked round the clock as I felt that I had a duty to make it work. This sense of duty was made even stronger when the wife and I had our first wee’un. I had this notion that I needed to be working harder to make sure that I was building a future for them. Being in the house made me feel guilty, although I tried to be there when I could, but I just stacked myself with work too! Looking back, I was completely blind to the fact that my wife needed me there more, and I though I was doing a great job balancing the two. While it’s very hard to take time off, and sometimes the farm suffers for it, there are more important things than money and empire building. Problem is that even well meaning partners don’t always see that.

Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet

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Starane Hi-Load HL has been granted a new EAMU for BLW control in Millet

"With the loss of Bromoxynil another BLW herbicide was needed" says Premium Crops Company Agronomist, Hannah Foxall,"Having fluroxypyr as a Post-Emergence option will enhance our control of; cleavers, knotgrass, black nightshade, fumitory, chickweed and black bindweed in the millet crop"

As with all EAMUs any restrictions guidance stated on the products labels must be adhered to and the approval document can be found by clicking...