Farmer owned RTK base stations

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  1. Here in Canada there are very few correction services, in many places there are basically none. In Europe, do farmers have their own base networks? Or create CORS type systems etc that they can all use together?

    Or is it mainly just use commercial systems that are already in place? Thanks.
  2. Northern farmer

    Me and many others here run their own base. Mine works over NTRIP as well as with a radio. Unfortunately European farms most often can be covered with a single base, no need for a CORS network. :)

    The majority is using commercial services. Here I'm thinking of RTK only, not aware of anyone with their own satellite to provide Trimble Rangepoint like services. :)
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  3. Given that a base is good for at least 30 km, one is sufficient for most farms in Canada too.
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    SG9 0RS
    What would one need to create ones own Base Station and how cheap can it be done.
  5. Clive

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    We put ours in about 8 years ago - has been a sound investment

    There are a few farmer RTK networks in the uk
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  7. Notice the incredible coverage in Canada lol by JD
    You can get an ArduSimple RTK as a base with antenna for 228 Euro, Snip Caster is free, And then either use Lefebure NTRIP Client, or the one right in AgOpenGPS (Both are free) Pretty darn cheap.
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    I’m just putting in the ArduSimple kit here. Went with the RTK over 868 MHz RF.

    The problem is outside farms to cover over a radius of 6km away, and rolling countryside.
    The signal is lost just a few hundred meters from 2. So looking at an antenna with some gain. Fallback is NTRIP or take the base to the outside farm when working there.

    @Briantee I didn’t realise there was an NTRIP client on AgOpenGPS. That’s good news
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