Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

Rarely is there such a thing!
In my experience, a product of effort and timing.

Hence my lucky bull outwintering operation on old pasture works when it shouldn't - effort and timing, my life's story in 3 words

I just do things others are prejudiced against doing, and set tough goals early, as luck would have it.
And I never gave up


It's income that keeps happening after you stop working for it .
.. and that's why creating passive income streams usually isn't a matter of chance but choices made .. like choosing to use a vehicle that works
Most passive incomes these days are not after you stopped working, more like after someone else stopped working, ie parents.
Unless you are the new rich IT type
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Few people are as far removed from evonomic reality as you with your large passive income.
Most folk on here, including roy s income is not large and certainly not passive
Humm now I know what it is to an extent I agree in as much as if you have income streams you don't have to work for then things are bound to be easier if your income from your main job ie. Farming goes to sh!t
Shouldn't have all my eggs in one basket but when its what you know its what you do


It is a harder read isn’t it, but worth it!

I’ve just started Savoury. Again, not an easy read and delves into some slightly alien territory, but interesting so far.
That one gets easier the further you go through it. I’ve nearly finished. Only taken me about 6 months!!!! I have been reading another during harvest alongside it which is an easier read and can dip in and out of.

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