Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.


Saturday morning job, flat calm when I started, great day for spreading lime+super.
Meant to pack up on Monday, probably the tail-end of what's hitting @TelesnaAg now?

Was still just cheesy enough on the edges, but I had the kids in the cab with me so we just took it easy; a nice new MF7615 to load up with. 21 hours on the clock.

The Merc just clicked over 1000 hours, complete with warnings and messages and all the rest - done just over 25000km now, and the tyres reflect that :nailbiting:
I don't have views on which are the quieter planes, I try not to use any really rather hard - in Europe Eurostar is more orient express compared to air propelled cattle truck. I try to use my bicycle rather than cars. My house is poorly insulated, soon to be far better.

I often get the feeling that I am alone in thinking that changing my behaviour changes everything. Hopefully by writing this is will make a small change. I can't do this alone.
We only get one World, use it wisely. Farmer Roy may soon be all of us.

:sad emoji
I often feel the situation is hopeless & wonder what is the point
A friend gave me this book


Mixed Farmer
How are your sunnies going ?
Did they dry down naturally or did you have to dessicate them ?
Many insect or bird issues ?
Hope they do well for you
I could of been earlier as the first sample I took was 6%. This later side (in the picture) was less advanced so mixed them up to make 7.5%.
There was some bird damage but not significant at all. Can't write this to you but... It's been very dry and hot here since the beginning of June so not a good year for spring crops. Mine did just over 2tonnes/ha which apparently for the year, here, is good. They were after long term grass so I suppose it hung on to moisture a bit longer.
Looks like your having a great time (y)
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Err, I shamelessly stole them off FB
Dunno where they came from - but I doubt they are Australia. That car just doesn’t look “right” . . .
It's great, either way - I made sure to share it around a few mates when we were getting our rehydration sorted last night.
(Showed them, and then had to message it to them 🙄 )

Can't beat rum in a can, really; fantastic invention.

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NFU Cymru members and Assembly Members have been celebrating the role that Welsh farmers play in producing nutritious, high quality, safe affordable food during an event at the Senedd today on World Food Day (October 16).

The lunchtime event, which was sponsored by Llyr Gruffydd AM, included a special menu of fine Welsh produce.

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