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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Farmer Roy, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. glasshouse

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    The doctor wouldnt agree with you
  2. glasshouse

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    Show us the splatted bugs on your visor?
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    Owaka, New Zealand
    My bike will get through a tank in about 40 minutes if I am WFO - which is standard riding technique !!
    Up in my mate's pine block, he has a few road loops for his rally car and about 5 different tracks for bikes.
    Road the new KTM300 and was well impressed with that, I think we may end up with a new "farm bike" instead of paying some tax :):cautious:;)
  4. But the doctor would assume I'm a lazy office worker sat on my arse all day not outside working burning all the fat calories off.
    It's not something id eat regularly, once a month maybe.
  5. glasshouse

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    Theres a restaurant i often pass which does a huge breakfast fry up for £3.99 including coffee and toast.
    I must stop my pickup from turning in!
  6. too dry for bugs, I think I only got 2 or 3 . . .
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    Owaka, New Zealand
    A happy motorcyclist has dirt and insects on his teeth! :D
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  8. Shame about the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN manufactured Manutec press wheels:rolleyes: as my hay mower can attest too:( contractor I used to use had them on a 20 foot homan seeder. Think I found a dozen wheels over 3 or 4 years:rolleyes:
  9. @hendrebc - you didn't like my breakfast, could I temp you with dinner I've just cooked ?
    Kangaroo with rocket tomatoe & feta salad ?

  10. :) Id eat black pudding for breakfast 7 days a week if I could get away with it
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    East Mids
    That actually looks pretty tasty. :hungry::hungry: Didn't I see you on Aussie MasterChef?? :unsure::unsure:
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  12. Haha - presentation isn't that good, bit messy
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    I'll put some pictures up. Seems strange I never asked or it wasn't explained to me!

    Wasn't any ruts or holes to fill in. Was a rush to get it done, we were running 24 hours per day. Would have been March/April.
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  14. They can keep it in Austria.

    I can cope with this weird mild winter we are having.

    Certainly makes life ‘easier’.:cool:
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  15. @cows sh#t me to tears - heres one for you

    Bernie Jacksonto THE GOSS
    January 10 at 5:17 PM

    What’s happening at the moment with Darling is the end result of Tony Burke & Penny Wong’s incompetency in understanding the hydrology of the Northern basin rivers only ever flowed periodically historical records prove that Penny Wong spent 66 million buying Tooralee Station which hasn’t provided any in flow into the Darling since its purchase. You want to blame the Northern Irrigators for the mess the Darling Is in think again Cotton has been grown in the Namoi valley successfully since 1963 & the Gwydir Valley since 1976 both Lake Keepit which is now empty & Lake Copeton where built as irrigation dams there’s never been an issue with water here till these morons started buying water back in 2007. What is happening at the moment is an end result of those water buy backs & government incompetence in the management of environmental flows as with now what’s happening now with Menindee lakes they’ve been full twice 2012 & 2016 & have been drained twice in less then 12 months to try & prop the mess South Australia has made of the Coorong. The water has been diverted away from the Coorong with man made drains for last 100 years also the barrages need to be removed from Lake Alexandria & return it to are estuarine system as it was pre 1940
    What is happening at the moment with these water releases & they where told in 2007 it will accelerate the process of not only drought but bank erosion as well , instead of are 10 or 15 year cycle that’s now are 3 year cycle & also accelerating the fish kills in the rivers these issues where never addressed when you release cold water into are river & vice versa you rapidly deoxygenate the water & promote Blue-Green Algae blooms end result on mass fish kills. Cubbie doesn’t have any water despite Jeremy Buckingham peddling images that where taken in 2011-12 after are one in 500 year flood event. This is the worst drought here since Federation despite what the media are saying our last major fall of rain was September 2016 & at the moment this drought is forecast till 2024. There’s been opportunities to drought proof these northern rivers by bringing water back over the mountains. The EIS’s where done on dam sights on the Clarence Mann & Manning rivers plus several others but Bob Car turned those sites into National parks. What it amounts to is they don’t want agriculture in this country & there’s possibly of another 6 to 8 years of drought that’s going to happen sooner rather then later
  16. the trouble with a "warm" winter is, what does that say about the next summer ?
    our last few winters have been the warmest on record . . .

    just saying . . .
  17. [​IMG]

    Tamworth & Region Weather

    · 3 hrs ·
    Reminder a total fire ban is in place across the Slopes and Plains tomorrow with 40-42° West of the divide. From Wednesday the region will seeing severe to extreme heatwave conditions, with temps 42-45° from Thursday to Saturday.~Dave.
    Image 1: heatwave map from Wednesday to Friday. (BoM).
    Image 2: Maximum temps for Sunday. (BSCH).


  18. @Farmer Roy

    Swap you some moisture for some soil.

    Unfortunately most of our hill land lacks depth and is South facing.....towards the sun. (n)

  19. For all those on here who enjoy a beer down the pub.:hungover::dead:

    Made me laugh.....:ROFLMAO:


  20. :eek::eek:

    not much depth, or capacity to store moisture for a dry period ?
    looks like it would dry out quickly with a bit of heat & if it stopped raining . . .

    out of interest, how far down do the roots extend, or are they only in the top soil ?
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