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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Farmer Roy, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::whistle::rolleyes:
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  2. You do get some root penetration into the shale but I doubt there is much capacity for water storage during the summer.

    Yes it does dry out and burn quickly.
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  3. Here’s a pic from the heatwave last summer,couple of hundred metres along the bank.

    Being grazed off by sheep doesn’t help however once the moisture has gone,it’s gone as you well know.

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  4. err, you probably don't want to swap any moisture - looks like you might need all you can get
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  5. I'd eat that :hungry:
  6. Just taken this pic while passing.

    Some patches still haven’t recovered from being burnt.


    But having a farm quarry with your own supply of hardcore is useful.

  7. Very dry here for the time of year, it almost managed to drizzle this afternoon but gave up. Our last rain was 5mm on Christmas Eve.

    We are still showing around 20mm SMD here so no effective groundwater recharge yet this winter. :facepalm:
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  8. I would ask the phone number but I'm not allowed away again until Mel has had her (very overdue) holiday. It might take a while to haul it home as well. :confused::)
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  9. Karliboy

    Karliboy Member

    West Yorkshire
    Bought 4 British blue in calf heifers today of a good mate.
    901AC4D5-2196-4184-96EC-8C2CFFE4E327.jpeg 30B7BF37-C4CA-44A1-84AE-F7BE85811BA7.jpeg DD68C9E3-4EA6-489D-94C7-87E79B4F7BE9.jpeg 901AC4D5-2196-4184-96EC-8C2CFFE4E327.jpeg 30B7BF37-C4CA-44A1-84AE-F7BE85811BA7.jpeg DD68C9E3-4EA6-489D-94C7-87E79B4F7BE9.jpeg

    Had a whoopsie on the bad corner on way back home to farm with the full trailer. Dragged me backwards back down lane and knocked a fair hole in the wall on the right. :banghead:
    It is an ass off a corner to be fair. Fairly steep 90 degree left turn. The trailers always hang on the little kink in the road.

    As Roy says it’s never easy. (y)
  10. This is what we have to look forward too:facepalm: plus it was over 40 yesterday as well Screenshot_20190113-053548_Samsung Internet.jpg
    Boy, can't wait for Tuesday/ Wednesday :wtf:
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  11. Ukjay

    Ukjay Member

    In the Mud
    Now that I would enjoy - with a little Balsamic Drizzle, Sesame Seeds, and some Crispy Fried Onions (Crunchy Stage) scattered on the top - Oh, and a Nice Cool Drink...., and swap the feta for a strong stilton..
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  12. Dead Rabbits

    Dead Rabbits Member

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  13. Blaithin

    Blaithin Member

    Alberta, Canada
    That is the worst looking breakfast ever. What is it, a salad?!


    I understand it's hot there and it's hard to eat heavy meals when it's hot, but breakfast is supposed to be hearty, not fresh from the garden!
  14. glasshouse

    glasshouse Member

    When i started working in the heat in Australia, i ate just like i did at home, steak and chips mincce and tatties etc, then my insides just seized up.
    I had to switch to a fruit diet , 3 times a day, then eventually the dam broke!
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  15. Blaithin

    Blaithin Member

    Alberta, Canada
    I never had an issue. Ate pretty much all the same stuff as here. Spaghetti, chicken, rice, potatoes, steak....

    During the day when it was really hot I’d snack on yogurt most of the time. Couldn’t afford the fruit as Yasi had wiped it all out :ROFLMAO:
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  16. Nice surprise in the post today from the other side of the world courtesy of @FonterraFarmer :D(y)
  17. The good, old 12 page travel challenge !!!:sneaky::D
    Next year's challenge will be to make my own!!!:eek::whistle::facepalm::LOL:

  18. Haha
    Avocado, poached egg, grilled haloumi, kale, mushrooms, chorizo & brown rice. Packs a big taste punch & believe me, it's very hearty, a real keep you going all day meal ( my next meal was about 10 hrs later )
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  19. Is halloumi the cheese that it like salty rubber?
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