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    Same attire for me in UK.
    My family have spent their entire lives working out in the fields, three have been told they have skin cancer or sun damage to their faces that will likely lead to cancer.
    One cousin was told not to go outside without a hat and advised suncream too.
    Uncle had half his face cut off. Sod that for a suntan!
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    Alberta, Canada
    The little de icer that could!

  3. Does everybody use heaters to thaw troughs ? Or would it be more efficient to use a little paddle wheel type of arrangement to keep the water moving?
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    Alberta, Canada
    Continuous flow is the more economical option if you can manage that.

    Never seen paddles or anything to move the water. Most set ups will need a heat source to keep the pipes from freezing so they just use it to keep the water open as well.
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  5. @CornishTone @Farmer Roy do either of you read the weekly times?? A very scathing and damning story about SA's management and misuse of environmental water to suit their own maintaining the lakes above levels asked for by the commonwealth environmental water holders office, to the detriment of flows to the coorong. Why? Because there was a yacthing regatta at Goolwa.....Also substitution of SA entitlement with commonwealth environmental water, thus saving the SA government millions of dollars and giving them the opportunity to sell it upstream, thus doubling there money.
    This makes a mockery of the SA government 's royal commission and the findings of social and economic outcomes can not come before environmental ones...
    One thing I had no clue about , was that the river is NOT managed in its entirety by the MDBA. Apparently there management stops at the SA border.....For the last 3 years they have not been able to get any data on flows and environmental outcome out of SA.
    This is the biggest rort in Australian history as far as I am concerned . And those in charge in SA should be facing legal proceedings.
  6. Happy birthday Roy!

    Found the article @cows sh#t me to tears, but can’t read it. Presumably this article and its findings will have been submitted to the relevant bods?
  7. I would imagine it has raised many least what us irrigators already knew , is now very very publicly made the front page......surely your local newsagent will have this weeks weekly times???? Its worth a read...
  8. I’ll have a look when daddy day care hits the pub a bit later.
  9. I fear common sense is going to be drowned out by mis placed public hysteria and political point scoring ahead of the election. After all, most of the electorates of the actual basin residents and farmers, wont vote for that slimey sleaze bag Shorten. So he has nothing to gain....The liberals probably feel the same.......Our local member the dishonorable Susan Ley has hardly said a word in our defense or gone into bat for us.....probably to busy using taxpayer funds to fly to the GC buying property again:shifty:
  10. As the saying goes, the last person to enter Parliament with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes!
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  11. Burnett River near Gayndah Qld

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  12. One things for sure, this should push cattle prices through the roof. Which for the blokes that lost entire herds, will be doubly devestating....
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    said on the news 1000,000 cattle drowned on the flood plain when the water rose to 6m.
  14. :eek:
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  15. 15497903629302357335125174944246.jpg
    Num num num num:hungry:
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    I came across this as I was doing some other research and thought it was worth sharing. It was in a publication from GrainCorp on grain aeration. I couldn't figure out how to share the whole thing. Screenshot_20190210-210533.png
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