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    All I can say it must be bloody awful for the farmers over there. Made me think a bit more when checking the cows tonight
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    The cotton farm i worked on was 45,000 acres of dead flat floodplain
    Justbefore the harvest about 1990, the whole place was under 2 metres of water except for a little bump where the houses and yard was
  4. Let's see if this gets the wider response that it should? Sounds about right to me.

    What issues are being under-played?
    • Topsoil is being lost 10 to 40 times faster than it is being replenished by natural processes
    • Since the mid-20th Century, 30% of the world's arable land has become unproductive due to erosion
    • 95% of the Earth's land areas could become degraded by 2050
    These matters are close to home for British politicians, the authors argue, with the average population sizes of the most threatened species in the UK having decreased by two-thirds since 1970.

    The UK is described as one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world.

    Some 2.2 million tonnes of UK topsoil is eroded annually, and over 17% of arable land shows signs of erosion.

    Nearly 85% of fertile peat topsoil in East Anglia has been lost since 1850, with the remainder at risk of being lost over next 30–60 years.
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  5. Australia is loosing a lot of topsoil too. I have never seen ground cover disappear as bad as this drought. We have had more dusty days then I have ever seen with dust coming from the west. I have never had much dust come off my place, but I have 2 paddocks with blowing patches. One paddock is failed vetch and the other failed barley. I might hook up the airseeder and try and bring up some clods to stop it blowing.
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  7. This is the NASA CO2 flow modeling video from Ray Archelutas video above, I found it very interesting. Very little shown from South America and Newstralya. :)

    Huge variation in concentration across the year.

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    Biggest loss of topsoil in uk is from housebuilding and new roads, hs2 etc
  9. If only that were true. That is insignificant compared with what washes down our rivers. :(
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    ZumerZet Somerset
    yes must be bloody awful and not much that can be done when something like that happens
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  11. Last I heard was estimated of 1 000 000 head and in some places, everything including wildlife. One station owner said it's dead silence outside....
  12. I don’t think we lose a lot of soil from here as it is very,very rare water actually runs off due to the free draining nature over shale and limestone.

    The main loss is probably erosion from natural water courses as they naturally cut into the subsoil.

    Hardly any crops grown in our area,all grassland.
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    Speak for yourself, but i never see much runnoff
    Proper cultivations across the slope helps a lot
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    West Yorkshire

    Can’t like that:(
    Here I am thinking I’m having a bad time worried about the cost of buying in more fodder to last the winter. Wether it’s all worth it or not.
    Well I don’t now I’ve given my head a wobble.
    I can’t even start to understand the hardship these poor farmers have gone through this last few years and now for this to happen.
    My heart goes out to all those struggling via drought or flooding down under.
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    Australia is the land of extremes
    Butt Acco, who ranch 7 million acres up there are unperturbed.
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    BBC news channel just ran a significant discussion about this story.
    Some very relevant points raised about the issues, although the report author from the Institute for Public Policy unfortunately fell rather short on his suggested policy recommendations .
    Dare I say it, but I think the BBC may have found a new sensational story to spin out and we need a PR team primed ready to respond @Guy Smith
    Tell them farming is the solution, no longer the problem.
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  17. @Karliboy has your wife calved yet?
    Edit: don't mean calved as in calling Mrs karliboy a cow it's just what me and my friends say when discussing babies arriving :bag:
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    West Yorkshire
    Well we use the same terminology around here(y)
    She’s supposed to pup 2 weeks today but baby is breach so as off this afternoon mrs has been booked in for the side door next Wednesday unless child turns between now and then. Fingers crossed
    Cheers for the thoughts though (y)
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  19. I think it is one of their properties which has lost all 30,000 cattle on the place.

    Apparently everything is dead including the kangaroos and even the birds died.

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