Farmers 3 day Forecast : Unsettled and Windy Temps near normal

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    FEB 6-7-8
    Wednesday 6-2

    Any rain in the southeast of England, will become heavy at times. Cloud in other areas with some showers affecting western coasts of England and Wales with more patchy rain and breezier weather in western Ireland and western Scotland. Some brighter skies developing through eastern Scotland and many western parts of the UK in the afternoon, it will be increasingly windy. High of 10C/50F

    Thursday 7-2

    With rain across northern and eastern England on Thursday morning. This clears eastwards into the afternoon. Showers South and West of England heavy and Thundery showers may turn a bit wintry over the hills of western Scotland. Some sunny spells for most other places. Highs at 9C/48F

    Friday 8-2

    A deep area of low pressure off Ireland on Friday. Fronts spreading northwards through the country. Cloud and rain in the west. with gales, especially in the west and south winds up to 60/70 MPH with low cloud shrouding the hills here. North eastern parts of Scotland and eastern England start the day dry, but then wind and rain arriving later. Highs 12C/54F.

    Whatever your weather enjoy it!

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