Farmers 4 day weather summary; Mild, then Much Colder Snow

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    Thursday 24-1-19

    Some early morning wintry showers may affect parts of eastern England on Thursday morning. Northwest England will become increasingly damp and during the day with mist and fog on coasts and hills. Another chilly day with temperatures around 6C/43F

    OVERNIGHT, Dry and cold in east rain milder in west

    Friday 25-1-19

    Rain is likely across southern Scotland and north-east England.

    Outbreaks of drizzle and patchy rain affecting western coast and hills Low cloud Highs at 10C/50F

    OVERNIGHT; Milder everywhere

    Saturday 26-1-19

    Heavy rain moving south and east followed by heavy wintry showers falling as sleet or snow over the hills above 600ft during the afternoon and evening the showers are likely to fall as sleet and snow to ground level Heavy periods of snow could affect western Scotland and later Northern Ireland West Wales and SW England in a strong northwest wind developing some drifting is possible. Highs at 9C/48F falling rapidly to -2C Overnight.

    Sunday 27-1-19

    A much colder day for most, showers of sleet or snow with heavy falls over high ground above 400ft High of 3C/ 37F Colder in the north

    A widespead and severe frost Sunday night.

    Hope the sun shines for you but….

    Whatever the weather enjoy it!

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